Wednesday, January 28, 2015

My Chore Chart / Weekly Cleaning Schedule

I think by now it's safe to assume that you all know how schedule/list obsessed I am. I have assignments written in my planner for the rest of the semester, a budget that goes through May, and I even have a schedule (kinda) for this blog. Surprise surprise, I also have a cleaning schedule/chore chart. It's completely for myself, and I don't follow it 100% of the time, but it helps me stay on top of cleaning around my apartment. If you want a breakdown of my chart, keep on reading!

So there are things I will do everyday, and others I do daily if needed, like cleaning the counters. Here are those tasks:

Feed Cat
Wipe Down Counters
Put Dishes in Dishwasher
Tidy Up Bedroom (as needed)
Take Out Trash (as needed)

Typically I have one day a week that is mostly free, that I can really devote some cleaning time to. That's usually my "Deep Clean" day. I usually designate another day as a "finish up" day, where I get to things I didn't get to on my deep clean day, and a last day for laundry and one other chore. Here's an example of how I've broken up my weeks in the past:

MONDAY-Deep Clean
Vacuum Entire Apartment
Wash & Refill Zimby's Water Supply (it's one of those gallon size ones)
Wash Outside/Inside Toilet
Bleach Tub
Clean Bathroom Sink
Clean Bedroom
Wash All Counters/Table
Sweep Kitchen&Bathroom
Grocery Shop (This is a chore for me)

Run Dishwasher
Finish Anything Not Done on Monday

Laundry (as needed)
Vacuum Entire Apartment

I hope you find this helpful! When I look at my chart, I always think, "Wow I don't have many chores!" until I remember my "Everyday" list. Still, it's pretty manageable, and I like having set days of the week to get everything done.

Do you have a chore chart? What is your cleaning system like? Let me know!


  1. I totally need to set up my own cleaning chart. I have seen ideas like this before, but havent been motivated to get on it yet. Right now I do power cleanings once a week. No fun. This would be so much easier. :)

    1. I feel ya!! I used to ONLY do power cleaning (when I felt like it haha). Now I still have that one day where I get almost everything done, but I pepper in some things the rest of the week :)

  2. Love it. I finally makde myself a cleaning chart and put it on a corkboard in the hallway where I see it daily. It reminds me what needs to be done when I'm not looking at my to-do list in my planner.

    1. Such a good idea!! I'm thinking about writing mine on a chalk board so I can have the satisfaction of erasing something when it's done haha :)

  3. I have a rolling list of items, and I plug them into my planner at the beginning of each week according to how much time I have in each day. Great idea.

    1. Yes! I usually do that more in the summer when my schedule is always changing :)


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