Saturday, February 27, 2016

Eating Disorders: Triggers 101

I briefly explained what an ED trigger is the other day, but today I want to go more in depth. Triggers can be anything from a word, a situation, a person, a feeling, or even a thought, and they have the power of sending someone who is fully recovered, into a full blown relapse. This is why they're getting their own post.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Eating Disorders: Types & Terms

NEDA, National Eating Disorder Awareness Week

There are a few common eating disorders out there, with a ton of different criteria and terms that go along with them. It can get pretty jumbled and confusion, especially if you are trying to understand a friend who suffers from an ED, or you think you may have one. Today I wanted to kind of break down what is what. If you want to learn more (because I'm not covering everything nor am I an expert) you can go here (or here, or here).

Monday, February 22, 2016

NEDA Week 2016

NEDAWeek Eating Disorders

Oh hey look, it's National Eating Disorders Awareness Week! I absolutely had to pop into blogland for NEDA week, and I have posts ready go for almost every day of the week. Wha? Yeah, you read that right. This week is so important to me not only because we seriously need more awareness and less stigma surrounding eating disorders, but also because it was a year ago that I finally told my secret to... well all of you! Keep your eyes peeled, as I have posts on eating disorder terminology, what outpatient/programs are like, and so much more. I also may or may not have a draft of my story, which may or may not go up Friday... We will see!

Anyway, I wanted to at the very least alert those who may not know, that this week is NEDA week. You can go here for more information about NEDA, and of course, you can leave questions and comments below. See ya soon dolls!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Self-Care 101: Explanation, Tips, & Ideas

Self-Care, Care, tips, ideas,

When the majority of your time and energy is spent or focused on helping people, being there for people, making peoples lives better... you start to get burnt out after a while. You still love what you're doing of course, but it's your body and mind that get run down. Self-care picks you back up again. People in helping professions already know all about this, and self-care, so let this be a gentle reminder to do it! But for everyone else who maybe haven't heard about this? I'm talking about parents, stressed out college kids, people with fast-paced jobs...Take a second and read this. You need this.