Monday, November 10, 2014

Black Friday Guide | Tips & Tricks

Hello there fellow crazy shopping friends! Today I'm sharing some of my best Black Friday Tips & Tricks with you, in the hopes that you have a happy, fun, and successful BF shopping trip! These may not be everyone's style, but they've worked well for me in the past! We have 18 days left (and 17 until yummy Thanksgiving!) so get ready!

  • Bring a friend! And I mean one friend. Don't bring more. Lines are already long, and you're going to be waiting for everyone to shop, find what they like, and check out. Not to mention it will get squishy in the car.

  • Speaking of lines... Here is a sneaky trick that I do in an emergency. Don't hate me! I rarely do it, but man does it come in handy... If the line is super long and for some reason you can't be in the store for very long, have your friend get in line when you first go into the store, while you shop. Then switch when you're done. By the time you both have finished shopping, you should be at the front of the line, and everyone behind you will be mentally stabbing you in the face. Gotta do what you gotta do!
  • Bring snacks/drinks. This is oh so important! Believe it or not, you will get hungry, no matter how much turkey you ate earlier. It's a lot easier to whip out a power bar in the car or while shopping, than to find an open fast food joint and wait in line. If you have a food allergy like me, then that wouldn't really be an option anyway!
  • Rest up. I mean, this is self explanatory... but you basically need to be a Koala on Thanksgiving. Just eat and sleep. This has really helped these past few years since stores have been opening Thanksgiving night.
  • Know what you want. This is so important! When you don't know what you want in advance, AND you see all these wild sale signs? You're going to buy whatever catches you eye. Big mistake. Period. Have a list!
  • Do your research! This is the most important tip by far. Know what time stores are opening, what is actually on sale and what is going to be it's usual price. Figure out where you can get what you want for the cheapest!
  • Go to a less popular area. This is a game changer in the Black Friday shopping world! Think of it like this. If there is a big store in your town, and lot's of other stores around it... there will be lines. If that same store has a second location that is a little more secluded in a nearby town? It won't be quite as busy (and might have more stuff!). I swear.
  • Game Plan! Once you know what you want, where you're going to get it, and what time stores are opening, it's time to make a plan! Plan your morning around the stores opening first and what you want to get from them. It'll save you time and heartache (when that special gift is sold out).
I hope these help with your BF adventures! If you have any questions, just leave them below and I might make an entire post on it!

Did I miss anything? What are your Black Friday Shopping tips and tricks? I'd love to hear them!

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