Monday, November 17, 2014

Black Friday Guide | The Essentials

Black Friday is almost here! Even though the start time of Black Friday changes every year (like 6pm on Thursday this year), the essentials you should carry remain the same! Here are some things to check off your list, before you head out on your Black Friday shopping adventure. (With some help from the Crazy Target Lady).

1. Drinks! Make sure and bring a few bottles of water, and maybe an energy drink or two. Some fast food restaurants will be open, but believe me, the only reason you should even consider waiting in those lines is coffee. Save your waiting skills for Kohl's. Or Macy's. Or some other great store.

2. Snacks! I try to bring a range of snacks, so that whether I'm wanting sweet, salty, juicy, or whatever, I will have something with me and won't be tempted to waste precious shopping time at a fast food joint. I like to bring clementines, Luna bars, chocolate (duh), chips of some sort, and maybe a little left over turkey  tofurkey. 

3. Band-aids. These are self-explanatory. Some Mom's get pretty crazy...

4. Baby Wipes. I like to bring baby wipes because sometimes after being in a store for a while, I just feel gross. It get's hot under that winter jacket, and who knows how many people have touched the things you bought! Baby wipes can wipe that all away! 

5. $20 cash in the glove compartment. Having $20 cash will come in handy. If you (God forbid) lose your card/wallet and need gas or food on the way home... You'll be happy you had that $20 cash. You're welcome. 

6. Duck Tape. You will thank me for this one. One time I went out, and my boots decided to fall apart. The sole started coming off, which is no fun in slushy New England weather. Instead of having to go home, you can fix it with Duck Tape! Plus, they have such fun patterns now, it won't even look sketchy. You will use it at least once during the night.

7. Pillow/Blanket. This is just for the car. I've always lived only 20 minutes away from where I shop, so it's easy for me to go home and sleep. However, sometimes when I've just finished all my midnight shopping and it's 4:30 am, I want sleep, but I know that Kohl's is opening at 5. I don't go home! I'll just park under a street light (because I'm paranoid and sheltered) and take a snooze in the car.

8. Extra socks & mittens. First off, your feet may get sweaty/cold. That extra pair of socks will be looking nice right about then. As for the mittens, I like to bring an extra pair in case it's really cold and I'm going to be walking from store to store, or for when my little sister refuses to bring some, then complains later. Love you Sommer!

9. Christmas/Holiday music! It just makes me happy, and get's me in the spirit. Don't hate. Thanksgiving will be over by then.

10. Utility Belt/Fanny Pack! If you're as hardcore at the Crazy Target Lady, you may already wear one... hah just kidding :)

Do you have any Black Friday essentials? I'd love to hear them!


  1. We don't even attempt to brave the "traditional" Black Friday sales (hats off to you--your system sounds PERFECT), but I try to take out the exact amount I want to spend in cash in advance, so I don't get tempted by my credit card and blow my holiday budget (or rent) on all the amazing sales!

    Happy shopping!

  2. It's funny we don't have Black Friday in the UK, but it sounds an awful lot like Boxing Day, which is the day after Christmas. That is when the shops are jam packed, people are just dying to get discounted clothes and the queues are just ever so long!

    Can you tell me though - I'm really curious - what is Black Friday? Haha

    1. It's just like Boxing Day! It's the day after Thanksgiving for us in America. Stores mark down their prices, and people begin Christmas shopping!

  3. These are fantastic essentials. We always make a pit stop at McDonalds for a coffee because it's one of the two restaurants open at the time in my tiny town. But snacks is a genius idea, although the earlier it gets the more likely I'll still be stuffed from Thanksgiving dinner.

  4. I haven't experienced shopping during Black Friday yet but it sounds exciting :)


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  5. I haven't experienced shopping during Black Friday yet but it sounds exciting :)


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