Friday, January 10, 2014

Ultimate Girls Night In Movie Guide!

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       Ahhh, the beloved girls night in. Whether it's a party of one, with pals and some wine, or just you and your trusty dog, there WILL be a time when you are hankering for a good ol' chick-flick.  Here's my short and sweet list of my favorite girls night in movies!

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  • How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days- Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey, enough said. This movie is cute, witty, and absolutely hilarious. Not to mention Mr. McConaughey takes his shirt of a few times...
  • Mean Girls- Come on...It's not a girl's night unless you watch Mean Girls! I don't think I need to explain any further.
  • 27 Dresses- I just LOVE to hate her sister...
  • John Tucker Must Die- All around funny, and a great group of actors! 
   CLASSICS (to break up the chick-flick flow)

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  • Pride & Prejudice- Mr. Darcy...
  • Phantom of the Opera- Please tell me whether you're Team Raoul or Team Phantom after watching this. 
  • The Titanic- Okay this one could also go in the next category as well, but.. such a classic!

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  • The Notebook- I mean...Come on. Do I even need to go on?
  • The Lake House- While this isn't your typical romantic sob story of a movie, it still has some lovely highs and depressing a good way.
  • Pretty Woman- This is a great movie if you're feeling down, and might restore some faith in humanity (or at least men).

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  1. I LOVE most all of those movies...haven't seen three of them!! How to Loose a Guy in Ten Days is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITES!! Could watch it every week and still find it just as funny!<3


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