Sunday, November 8, 2015

5 Tips For Managing an Unmanageable Schedule

Today's post goes out to all of my fellow over-achievers who load themselves up with ridiculous tasks/schedules, and are struggling to stay sane. Maybe you're a college student balancing an extra class, or an internship, or working, or... all three! Or maybe you just have a lot going on right now, and you're forgetting things because you're stressed and only human. I got you. I feel you. I'm going to help you. Insert praise hands emoji here, am I right? Let me help you manage your unmanageable schedule.

1. Planners/Agendas/Calendars
Whether you love them, or they get your heart rate higher than an hour of cardio, you've got to have one. You can plan as much or as little as you want, but organization is key with hectic schedules. I put all important dates/events in my planner, and add in homework, meetings, and even friend-dates on the daily. I'm sure there's a few of you who will write out full day to-do lists. Make it your own!

2. Emergency Time

There is a small chunk of time in your day/week where you don't really have to do something/it is much less important than everything else going on. Figure out what/when that chunk of time is, and don't forget it. If you are having a ridiculously busy day, need to run to the doctors, or need to catch up on something else, this is going to be the time you do it. If push comes to shove, there is something in your schedule that can taken out&used as emergency time when needed. Just accept it.

3. Take Time For Yourself

When you have a lot going on, taking time for yourself almost seems more stressful. WRONG. This is called self-care, and friends, we are preventing burn-out by doing this! I try to take 30 minutes a day to just watch TV, read some blogs, watch YouTube videos... Things I enjoy doing, that don't take that much effort, and take my mind somewhere else. For some (crazy) people, this might be exercising. Cooking yourself a nice dinner (if you enjoy that sort of thing). It's up to you! You are going to be less of a grumpy stressed-out maniac, and more of a happy stressed-out maniac if you just do this.

4. Figure Out A System/Routine

If you have the same schedule every day or certain days a week, this shouldn't be difficult. It's good to have a plan of how you day will be timed out. This doesn't have to be down to the minute, but knowing you have 20 minutes to get ready, will be at work until 5, then will go home, eat, catch up on blog reading, and then go on to do some other thing will be very helpful. Even on super busy days, blocking your time out and getting used to having the same time routine will make you feel more at ease! If you have a different schedule every day, try to plan the timing of your day the night before so you have an idea of what to expect!

5. Preparation > Procrastination

I am a procrastinator to the core. However, I'm slowly but surely starting to do things/prep ahead of time to save myself some stress. Last weekend I had a few extra free minutes and planned my outfits for the week based on the weather. It took me 10 minutes, and saved me so much time in the mornings! I've also started prepping my coffee/putting it in the fridge the night before. I'm working my way up to prepping meals. Doing these things before you have to, means it's one less than you have to do on your busy days.

Tip #1 is seriously going to save you, so please just do it. I hope some of these have helped you! There's only so much you can physically do; the rest of the work is mental :)

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