NOTE: While Kimberly's Chronicle is once again active, it is currently under construction, being revamped, and will be going in a different direction than before. Please email for more information.

Welcome to my ad/sponsor page! If you're interested in seeing your ad on my sidebar or having me do a review, keep on reading!

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If you're a blogger interested in seeing your site on my sidebar, you're in luck! I'm currently offering Button Swaps! If you're interested in swapping with me and growing our blogs together, please email me at kimberlyschronicle@gmail.com and include the html code for your 300x100 button. Don't forget to grab my button from down below, or email me if you need a different size.

I'm happy to work with companies I love, who fit in with the feel of my blog. While this blog is not for designated reviews, giveaways, or sponsored posts, I'm happy to share about things I love and believe in. If you have something that fits in with Kimberly's Chronicle, please email me at kimberlyschronicle@gmail.com and include "ADVERTISING" in the subject line. I reserve the right to decline offers that I do not truly believe in/do not fit in with my blog content. My honest opinion will be given, no exceptions.

Affiliate Links Disclaimer
I usually try to link to products or items that I show in a post, to make it easier for you to find it and not have to go searching the internet. Occasionally *though not at this time* one of these links will be an affiliate link, and I will make a penny or two for you clicking the link. I never put links, products, or items in my posts that I do not use or truly believe in. They just aren't worth the penny. If you don't click the links, it's no skin off my bones! 

Products (Isagenix)

Is you're interested in getting some Isagenix products, learning more, or joining my team, reach out! I'd love to chat! Isagenix is something I enjoy, and promote because it's a product I believe in. BUT, this doesn't mean that you have to love it (or even care about it) too! There are other products out there, other companies, other options! You can take it or leave it. That's where I stand.

As always, thanks for supporting Kimberly's Chronicle! I'm looking forward to growing with you.

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