Wednesday, July 15, 2015

KONG Dog & Cat Toy Review

It's beyond time that I do another pet product review, but with everything going on with my family these last few weeks, I just haven't had the time! Today I'm finally sitting down to review two different Kong products that I picked out and received free of charge to test out by Chewy, my favorite online shopping site for my pets! The first product is the KONG Squeeze Ball With Handle dog toy, and the second is the KONG Active Feather Teaser cat toy! So keep on reading to see what Molly and Zimby thought.

First up is Molly. Just a little background, Molly destroys toys. She eats them, shreds them, and god forbid there is a squeaker. She's obsessed with squeaky toys, and will pull out the squeaker and only play with that. It's ridiculous. I wanted to change gears a bit with her, so I picked out the KONG Squeeze Ball With Handle for her to try. She will play tug-of-war with some of her plush toys, but they always end up ripping.

See what I mean?
She likes her new KONG toy, but she doesn't always play with it in the traditional way! Sometimes she bites the handle and wants you to hold the ball end. I think it's because she has such a tiny mouth. Either way, I'm just happy this is one toy she hasn't been able to destroy! It's pretty durable, and I definitely recommend it for any toy-destroying doggies like my Molls.

As for Zimby, her KONG teaser is her absolute favorite toy. She loves feathers, and anything dangly. She would play with it for hours if I let her! Even when she is starting to get worn out, she will just plop over onto her side and bat it with her paws. It's pretty adorable. The added bonus of catnip in it is an all around win! She's a total catnip junkie.

Have you found any fun toys for your furbabies lately? I'd love to try them!

*Disclaimer: Products mentioned above were chosen by me, and gifted free of charge from Chewy. I am not paid to talk about them, and am encouraged to give my honest opinion (good or bad) to help the companies see what consumers really think. I'm not making a dime, and all opinions are of course my own.*

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