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How To: Plan a Baby Shower + Tips

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As I've mentioned in previous blog posts, one of my best friends is pregnant, so me and another one of our friends threw her a baby shower! It was a lot of fun, pretty low key, and went surprisingly smooth. With all that said, I thought I'd share what we did since it was totally Pinterest inspired, and a great example of how to throw a baby shower without going crazy with stress.

My legs look weird, but we did balloons down the street!

Miss Hannah is having a baby boy, so everything was blue (with hints of silver and green here and there for good measure). You could easily switch the color scheme and do the same things we did!

Baby Shower, Baby Boy Table Topper

Since Nicole (my co-host) and I are both still in college, we wanted to not go absolutely nuts with the spending. We got the banners, table clothes, blue raddles, gift bags, streamers, "It's a Boy/Baby Boy" wall mural and table topper all from the Dollar Tree! They had an entire section for baby showers, both for boys and girls. The other items like the large baby bottle, picture frames, lemonade dispenser, blue rubber duckies, and our party favors all from Walmart! It was actually really easy to find everything and put it all together. 

Starting with food since it's everyone's favorite part (duh), we did a fruit platter that Nicole arranged to look like a baby.

We also did a popcorn bar with the option to add in chocolate chips & m&ms, and cucumber sandwiches made with either mayo or hummus, which were a total hit! As for drinks, we kept it super simple and did lemonade in a dispenser, with blue rubber duckies floating on top. We stuck the "Baby Boy" table topper on there to spruce things up, and hung streamers from the bottom of the counter.

Next we had two different tables set up for fun activities. The first table was a "guest book" if you will. We had everyone make a thumb print on little white paper circles, and sign their name. We then put them all into a picture frame with string to make them look like balloons. 

On the left side was the "Book Bin" since we asked everyone to bring and sign a book instead of a card. On the right side we had a "Late Night Diapers" set up where guests could write funny messages for Hannah & Keith (the dad) to read when they are changing those 3am diapers. It was fun! And oh my gosh newborn diapers kill me. They're just so cute and little!

The other table had yarn on one side that we used for a "guess the belly size" game. Each guest got to measure out some yarn that we would later put around Hannah's belly, and the one who was closest to guessing her size won a big blue cupcake!

On the other side of it was a big baby bottle with blue paper for people to write predictions for what Luke would be like when he turned 18, and little messages for him in the future! A mini time capsule if you will.

We also did a "Baby A to Z" game where everyone had to write a baby item for every letter of the alphabet. The first one done won a bottle of wine! It was actually pretty hard, but a total blast.

When it came time for gifts, we had Hannah stationed on the couch, with Nicole passing her gifts and me keeping a record of what gift came from who (for the thank you letters). It worked out great! 

I'm already spoiling him...

Afterwards the shower started to wind down, and we passed out the party favors which were little blue chocolate balls, blue baby boy candies (from Walmart), and a blue lollipop with a "Thank You" sticker on one side and a "It's A Boy" sticker on the other.

Everything went so smoothly, I was surprised! Have you planned a baby shower? What did you do?

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