Sunday, May 31, 2015

Hill's Ideal Balance Wet Dog & Cat Food Review

This month I picked out the Hill's Ideal Balance wet dog and cat food for Molly and Zimby to try from Chewy. I had yet to try Molly on a wet food, and I usually avoid them with Zimby because they tend to be filled with junk. I liked the Hill's brand because the ingredients are actual meat and veggies, instead of by-product or meals. When you open a can it actually looks like meat and veggies too which was great! Now on to what Molly and Zimby thought.

Molly absolutely loved the wet food. She got the Simmered Chicken Stew with Quinoa. She was sniffing it the second it came through the door, and it took her all of 2 minutes to eat an entire can. I'm planning on getting more since she loved it so much! I also was nervous that it would mess with her digestive system (since it was introduced suddenly into her diet) but it didn't!

Zimby didn't seem to care about hers. She got Savory Chicken Pot Pie with Buckwheat. She got excited when I opened Molly's cans, but hers she would sniff and maybe lick, and then walk away. I'm not sure if it's because I don't give her wet food often, or if she abhors all things healthy, but she didn't eat it and I ended up having to give it away. Molly was more than happy to finish what Zimby didn't eat though!

Thanks to Chewy for sending me the dog and cat food to try! If you're a blogger and a pet owner, definitely check out Chewy's blogger program! Feel free to email me with questions.

*All products were chosen by Kimberly and sent for free by Chewy to review. This is not paid, and all opinions are my own (and Molly&Zimby's).


  1. So happy Molly enjoyed her Hill's! We will definitely have to figure out what Zimby likes. =D

  2. I've been thinking about best canned cat food. I'll need to buy a pressure canner, though. My cat is on a low-fat diet, and he's allergic to grains, so he gets chicken breasts or thighs with no skin or visible fat and green beans, carrots and potatoes. Right now I make it up about a weeks worth at a time and freeze it, but it would be so much easier to make a huge batch and can it and just open a can for him.


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