Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Why I Can't Wait To Turn 21!

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Yippee! It's that time again for me to share why I can't wait to turn 21! I did this post last year about turning 20, and it was my most popular post for the year. Basically I'm going to talk about this last year, what turning 21 means to me, and why I'm excited! Now let's get to it.

My 20th year has been all about growth in one way or another. Last year I talked about how I was excited to finally be out of my teens, and to have people start looking at me as an adult. I definitely got my wish! I mean, I moved a thousand miles away, by myself, not knowing anyone. If that isn't adulthood, then I don't know what is! I also started my ED program, and grew in many ways through that, and am still growing. 

This past year I feel like I really grew up, and started making huge progress on learning who I really am. I can't explain it, but it's like a thin veil has been lifted, and things that used to matter, don't anymore; things I never even thought about, are things constantly on my mind. I've learned myself, and I'm getting comfortable with that knowledge. It's kind of awesome.

Now let's talk about turning 21! Obviously most people (in the USA) automatically think about finally being able to legally drink when turning 21. I'm excited to be able to go out and buy my own bottles of wine, and it will be fun to finally be able to go out with my older friends, but that isn't what really excites me. I am a grandma at heart after all. I'm excited to feel like a real adult. Peoples perception of me as a 20 year old has been leaps and bounds better than in my teenage years, but there are still times I feel like a baby. Not being able to go out with friends is definitely one of them. Being a fresh ripe 20 year old, sometimes people still think of you as a "baby" because you are just getting out of your teens. I'm so excited to be able to say I'm a twenty-something. Is that dumb? I'm sick of people thinking of me as this young college kid still being crazy and care free. That just isn't me.

Anyway, I have 5 days (and counting) until my birthday!!! Sunday can't come soon enough.


  1. Happy {early} birthday! Wow 21, so young! I turned 21 10 years ago...time flies, enjoy it!

  2. I loved turning 21 for the same reasons you named. I felt like the world was my oyster. I could finally go wherever and do whatever I wanted, and I just wanted to buy all the wine. Still do. Happy early birthday!


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