Thursday, April 16, 2015

Molly Update!

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Now that I've had Molly for almost a month,  her true personality is shining through! If you have no idea what I'm talking about, check out this post, where I talk about my rescue dog, Molly! Anyway, I thought I would do a little update on how she is adjusting, things she likes and dislikes, and a little about her personality and our routine!

Let's start with her and miss Zimby. So as I said in my first post, Molly could care less about cats. Her and my roommates cat, Ron, got along right away. Zimby totally hid under the couch the first day Molly was with me, however they both slept in my room that night, and have ever since.  Molly knows that Zimby is the boss, but will occasionally go over and give her a kiss. Compared to how Zimby does with cats (took her months to warm up to Ron) her and Molly are doing super great!

I had just gotten out of bed to get ready to nanny, and they did this...

Molly is just fine with other dogs too, but she gets scared and overwhelmed if there are too many dogs around her. She will give off a warning growl if a group of dogs swarms her (at the dog park) and might snap to get them away, but doesn't actually do anything. It's more of a "I'm scared, go away," kind of growl. We've stopped going to the dog park because she really hates it, and is glued to me the entire time.

On the bench with me at the dog park

Going off of that, Molly does have separation anxiety. This is totally normal for rescue dogs, especially older ones. She had a family that suddenly stuck her in a shelter and left her. Over time she will see that I won't do that, and she should start to get better. We're working on it though! For now she likes to "yell" at me when I get home from class.

Girl likes to talk. She grumbles and growls and makes funny noises all the time. If she wants to play, is bored, is annoyed, is excited, has to go out, or really for anything, she starts talking. I have a video below of when I was going to bed but she wanted to play.

-Long walks- especially on the beach!
-Playing fetch (inside... she is slowly getting more comfortable outside)
-Anything with a squeaker
-Car rides
-Butterflies (likes to watch them)
-Snuggling on the bed
-Sitting in a baby-seat (I don't let her)

-Thunder & Lightning
-Anything really loud
-Flies (tries to eat them)
-Sleeping on the bed (weirdo)
-Men she doesn't know who approach me (such a guard dog)
-The Dog Park

The only time she leaves my side is when we are leaving...

She's a pretty happy dog! By the way she plays, and how long she can run and walk, you would think she was maybe 2, on a bad day! She may be 7 but she still has plenty of spunk left in her.

Yes, I braid her hair

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