Saturday, April 11, 2015

Dear Leg Day Skippers... | Rant

I'm pretty sure this post is for me and me alone, and more than half of you are going to be like "...what is wrong with this girl?" but I don't even care. These words need to be said people! This rant is more of a PSA on behalf of all girls! I can't keep it in any longer. 

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Dear Leg Day Skippers,
You know who you are. I don't even need to point fingers. We all see you. Stop skipping leg day! I'm no muscley body builder lifting at the gym, but even I understand the importance of leg day. Who want's chicken legs? Not me! I just don't understand you NGLDSs (no-good-leg-day-skippers).

I don't care how big your arms are...

...because unless you're Spongebob, this is not cute.

Like why, just why?

You know the term "Butterface" ? Well you're a "Butthislegs" and yes I know it doesn't work the same way. Just roll with it okay?


Go Home. Your drunk a leg day skipper.

You know those pet peeves like when people chew with their mouth open or smack their gum, and you just want to stand up and yell at them? That's how I feel when I see a leg day skipper. 

Now don't get me wrong; I am not about body shaming, because screw that. It's just when people deliberately build up their upper body but completely ignore their legs. If you were born with broad shoulders and skinny legs, rock on. But if your arms are thicker than your thighs because you skip leg day, may you die a thousand deaths.


  1. This post is wonderful, I didn't even realize that this was a thing.....or how creepy it looks when someone has buff arms and spaghetti legs. Goodness gracious!

  2. My husband, a semi-professional powerlifter, can't stand this either. They stick out at the gym like sore thumbs. We just want to help them.

  3. I can't stand this!!! It's not attractive!


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