Monday, January 5, 2015

What's In My FrostyVoxBox

Feeling nosey? Today I'm sharing what came in my Influenster Frosty Box! Influenster will occasionally send me a box full of goodies to try out from tons of different brands, and the FrostyVoxBox was definitely one of my favorites! Wanna see what I got? If you're as nosey as I am, then the answer is yes. Keep on reading!

1. The first thing my eyes jumped to was the Ecotools round brush. I absolutely love Ecotools, which would be obvious if you ever saw my makeup brush collection. 

2. Next I saw the Rimmel Gentle Eye-Makeup Remover. Oh, and it's oil-free! Swoon.

3. I ate the Fruit Vines Bites within a few minutes, as usual. 

4. I'm excited to try the Sugar Plum  NYC Expert Last Lip Color! It's such a pretty and deep shade for the winter. 

5. I basically jumped for joy when I saw the Black Rimmel Scandaleyes  waterproof eyeliner. I already have a few shades, the black included, but I left mine in NC when I came home for the holidays. 

6. I don't know much about Boots N07 Protect & Perfect serum, but I'm excited to be trying a new brand (to me). Yes, I know I'm only 20. Wrinkles catch up with you! 

7. I'm not a tea drinker, but I did give the Celestial Candy Cane Lane tea a try, and it was pretty good.

8. The McCormick  Gourmet Thyme seemed a bit out of place, but I'll be adding it to my spice collection and trying it soon.

Have you tried any of these goodies before? I can't wait!
*Disclaimer: All products were sent to me from Influenster to try out. I'm under no obligation to blog about what they send me, nor do I get paid for promoting Influenster or the products. I just like to share :)


  1. I got this box too! I was very excited about the makeup remover, eyeliner, brush, and lipstick. I haven't reviewed the things yet but I've definitely been using them.

  2. That Candy Cane Lane tea is full of awesome! (I'm probably super biased because I'm a tea drinker to the max, especially where it's been so cold lately. <3 )

    Just wanted to wish you a very happy blogiversary! <3 I adore beaches as well! <3 I've been landlocked for the past 3-ish years and it's still taking some getting used to. :[ Looking forward to reading more of your blog! :]

    1. Thank you Farrah!! <3 I can't imagine being land-locked!!


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