Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A Letter to Myself | Year of Happy

I'm participating in Allison and Lizzie's "Year of Happy." There is a blog prompt for each month, and a link-up too! The January prompt is to "write yourself a love letter" where you reflect on the last year and write goals for this year. So really this post is for me more so than you, but you can still read it :)

Dear Me,

Wow, 2014 was such an interesting year. It wasn't the best year, not by far. But it wasn't bad either. There were some heavy things you went through... but you pulled through and also did some amazing things as well. Let's look at all the great things you did last year:

1. Starting a Blog
2. Driving to Cocoa Beach, Florida for Spring Break with friends
3. Moved yourself 1,000 miles away to a place where you knew no one
4. Learned to accept that you're a grandma at heart
5. Flew on a plane for the first time
6. Took the T (in Boston) for the first time
8. Vacationed in Atlantic City, New Jersey
9. Spent your 20th birthday in Wilmington on a mini Mom&Daughter trip
10. Met some pretty amazing people

Now that I look back, the good that happened this past year definitely outweighs the bad. You're taking your time figuring out who you really are and what you want out of life, and that's okay! This year I want you to keep doing fun things and experiencing life. Do things for you. Go out of your comfort zone at times, do things you say you can't, because when are you ever going to be young and have the time again? Make yourself do the difficult or scary things now, so they aren't so scary later. And as for this blog, it's time to get more serious. No more postless weeks. Quality over quantity. Schedule posts! You love blogging, so make an actual effort. That goes for classes too, missy.

Try not to forget all the great things in life, and be happy this year. That is all.


  1. Best of luck on getting out and doing, crazy beautiful wild things!

  2. I'm participating too! So exciting! It's wonderful to see how many things you got up to in 2014, I hope 2015 will be as awesome and fulfilling as this year has been for you ^_^


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