Thursday, January 22, 2015

5 College Care Package Ideas

Since we're almost at the end of January, I think it's safe to assume that you college readers are back at school for Spring semester. I'm just finishing up my second week of classes, and I'm already asking my Mom to send me stuff. #NoShame guys. Care packages are huge for us college students, whether we go to school 30 minutes down the road or 1,000 miles away (cough cough that's me). Today I'm sharing what to put (or ask for) in a college care package, since I think most people get confused.

1. The Basics: That's right, send me that 2-ply floral imprinted toilet paper. I'm ready. While you're at it, I could use some paper towels too... Basically send the little essentials we use and need daily, but hate buying. Razors/Razor heads, deoderant, that sort of stuff. What college kid wants to spend their money on boring stuff? Not me, that's for sure.

2. Non-Perishables: A box of mac n cheese can go a long way. Since I'm picky and only like one particular vegan brand that happens to be $2.50 a box, I'm probably not going to keep it stocked on my shelves. Send us our favorites that we maybe won't buy on our own, or could never have enough of. Mac n cheese, soup (although that gets $$ heavy), our favorite cereal, minute rice, granola bars (I prefer Luna/Cliff bars), Chocolate, Coffee... I think you get the deal.

3. Medicine: Okay don't go sending out prescription bottles of pills. I'm pretty sure that's illegal. But you can send out over the counter medicines. Let's face it, college kids are always getting sick, and there's no way we are going to fork over $10 for Tylenol Cold & Flu. It's just not going to happen. Feel free to send some of that, maybe some cough drops, and advil. We will be thankful.

4. $ Booster: While this isn't necessary, a little financial boost is always good. Whether you send a check for $5 or a gas card, we will definitely appreciate it!

5. Love: Include a little note in there! It's always nice to hear about how much we are missed, and the only mail we get these days is in the form of Internet or Credit Card Bills.

Whether you're sending out a care package or asking for one, I hope this helps!


  1. Great ideas! I hate buying cleaning supplies, lol.

  2. hahaha, so true. Toilet paper/paper towels/the essentials are definitely things I never feel like going out and buying. And yay for money! I know people say it's impersonal, but that's the most welcomed and versatile thing they could possibly send. <3

    1. Yes definitely. Money is the best when you're a broke college student!

  3. I absolutely agree. I loved receiving care packages in college, and the best ones had basics and money in them! (or gift cards to my favorite places)


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