Monday, December 15, 2014

Blomas Day 15 | Top 5 Gifts For College Students

Christmas shopping for a college student tends to be an odious task. Aside from the big expensive gifts that we just can't afford, what do you get someone who can get what they want, or doesn't want anything? Being a college kid, I think I can help you out. Here are the top 5 gifts you can get a college kid:

Pay A Bill! If there's one thing we stress about besides Finals, it's money. Whether you pay for a month of rent, the internet bill, a credit card balance, an electricity bill, or make a car payment for us, we'll be thrilled! Now we can relax a bit knowing we have some wiggle room.

Gift Card. Now be careful here. A gift card to Best Buy is cool and all... but only if the person shops there frequently. Make sure the college kid shops there frequently. Think along the lines of Starbucks, Walmart, etc. If you're unsure, then a pre-paid Visa or Mastercard is always a great solution! That way, the student can use it wherever they need to!

Gas Card. Okay this is technically a gift card too, but it deserves special recognition. Gas is not cheap, especially when we are driving home and back. *Cough Cough* This gift will always be appreciated.

Underwear. Guy or Girl, underwear is always appreciated... because that means we can go longer before doing laundry! For girls check out the deals at Victoria's Secret, and for guys you can go basically anywhere, although I know G has a thing for MeUndies.

Basic Essentials! These are great for stocking-stuffers, or as a gift basket! Think along the lines of razors, toilet paper, tooth brush, our favorite (more expensive) shampoo and conditioner, body wash, that sort of stuff. And get the good stuff, because we probably skimp on brand names to save a few cents. I'm talking 2-ply extra soft here people!

These gifts may not seem super fun to you, but I would be ecstatic to receive any one of them! They're especially great for the college kids without a list, or for the one who already has it all. It will be much appreciated, trust me!


  1. Great post! I actually never thought about giving these kinds of gifts but it's so much more useful!


    1. I definitely love getting these things!

  2. Kimberly, these are SO EN POINTE it's not even funny!! If someone would pay a bill for me (preferably, my tuition bill) I would flip with excitement. And new VS never hurt anybody.



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