Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Blogmas Day 3 | My First Time Flying

Hey there peeps. I'm in my last week of classes, so expect these short posts until finals are over! Don't worry though, there are gift guides, movie guides, and lot's of fun posts coming your way soon! Anyway, I flew for the very first time (and by myself!) home and back for Thanksgiving this past week. Here are some pictures I snapped, and my experience!

Boston is all pretty at night

First off, I flew out of Myrtle Beach International Airport, to Logan Airport in Boston. I flew with Spirit Arilines, and actually had a really good experience. Win for the cheap college student! I was such a nervous mess waiting in the airport. Just ask anyone I was texting. Then, to make life amazing, my phone died.

The flight to Boston really wasn't that bad, but I also had no idea what to expect. We had turbulance the entire time. But I didn't know that. I just assumed planes constantly sway and are bumpy. Hah! Luckily my dad found me almost right away, because trying to find someone at Logan airport and not being able to call them... would be terrifying.

Seriously, how gorgeous is this!?

 Flying back was much better. The ride was extremely smooth, and I dozed off for the majority of the flight. I did however wake up to snap some pictures of the sunrise and the pretty clouds. Yup, I'm basic.

Somewhere in NC or SC. I snapped this right before we started flying over the water!

Overall, flying isn't nearly as scary as I thought. Yeah you're flying thousands of feet above the ground in a metal death trap... but at least you can get some neat pictures!


  1. I love flying so much! Glad you're not scarred for life!

  2. Those are gorgeous pictures. Good luck on your last week of classes. I am in the middle of finals as well!


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