Monday, December 22, 2014

Blogmas Day 22 | A 6 Year Old Me's Christmas List

Okay okay, I know I missed Blogmas Days 20 & 21. I drove home on day 20 (14 hours!), and was sleeping and running around on day 21. So sue me! As punishment, I thought I would share my letter to Santa circa 2000, when I was at the ripe age of 6.  My Mom kept it, so I copied it down word for word. Some of the spelling is questionable, so I'll put what I meant in ( ). Enjoy!

"Dere Santa from Kimberly
I live at [insert address here] Santa please give traygo (my cat) a christmas presint to like a mouse. What I would like is a 1. been bage (bean-bag chair) to sit in. 2. a gray karaokee masheen that you can hold with taps (cassette tapes) 3. Sinderella dall 4. body art 5. barbe dall car. 6. a lamp 7. Make chapstick 8. Facke (fake!) stick on bally rings. 9. Sede (CD's) 10. Tap (Tape) player 11. Sedes and taps. 12. A big cenpyotter (You're on your own with this one) 13. Celley Dal (and this one) 14. Blox.  15. Barebey cash register.


Christmas Presins"

Now that's a Christmas list! 

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