Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Road Trip Tips

A 1,000 mile drive isn't the most fun thing to do by yourself, but it's do-able. Here is my experience driving from Maine to North Carolina by myself, with some tips that kept me going!

It's mostly a straight shot down 95 to get to North Carolina. Unfortunately there is lots of construction going through parts of New York, New Jersey, DC, and Virginia. After making this trip a few times already, I knew that if I wanted to cut out a few hours of traffic, I would have to be in those states late at night and early in the morning. I left at 7pm, and began my journey there. 

As far as food goes, I brought snacks with me. It's important to eat filling, high protein and low sugar foods.  I didn't want to have a sugar rush and crash, but did want something that would keep me going. I brought granola, grapes, and peanut butter with me. As far as drinks go, I brought water and Mtn Dew, because I don't do well with coffee and wanted to keep the bathroom breaks to a minimum. I saved the Mtn Dew for the last few hours of my journey. This way I didn't have an energy crash.

This guy has the right idea! Source

Now let's get one thing straight; Sleep is IMPORTANT! I didn't want to have to stop and get a hotel, but the trip from Maine to North Carolina is about 13.5 hours in perfect conditions. Once I was half way through the trip, I stopped at least once an hour to stretch my legs. I also took a 15 minute nap, and a 30 minute nap towards the end. It's better to take some extra time and rest, than to put yourself and others in danger. I found that my mini power naps really did the trick and kept me focused.

As far as my car is concerned, I filled my tank when it got to 1/4. Every car is different so you might need to adjust, but my car can still go a long ways on a quarter of a tank. I also checked my tires when I got gas. Lucky for me they made it through the trip, however I was showing threads and had to get new ones by the time I got to North Carolina.

All in all, I had a decent trip. I skipped the majority of traffic, arrived at my apartment after 14 hours, at 10am, and didn't have any mishaps along the way. Feel free to leave any questions below, and I hope this helps! Safe travels :)
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  1. 14 hours driving yourself?!?! You go, girl! The boyf and I did 13 hours from PA to Chicago this past summer, and it was a blast. Killer Spotify playlists and little competitions along the way definitely helped though...
    I blogged road trip style here: http://cominguprosestheblog.com/beauty-must-haves-summer-road-tripping-2-giveaways/

    Glad you made it there safely!


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