Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Hottie of the Week 9 | Jacob V

Well hey there ladies. Remember when I said I was going to start posting a local hottie of the week? Well here it is! It's time to shed a little light on some real life hotties, not just the ones in movies! Now for the best part. Let me introduce you to this weeks hottie!

Jacob V.

Jacob is a 21 year old college student at UNCW, originally from Dallas, Texas. His passion is soccer, but you can also find him wakeboarding with friends and family.  All it took was an email from the UNCW soccer coach and a visit to good ol' Wilmington for him to decide to become a Seahawk! I asked him a few questions so you ladies could get a feel for his personality, and here's what he said:
Is there someone you look up to/aspire to be like?
                My dad and mom are both two of the most important and influential people in my life. They are both loving and caring and have supported me in whatever I have chosen to do in my life. I hope that one day when I have children I can be as loving and caring as them.

Why do you love soccer?
                That’s a very tough question. I’ve loved it since I was 3 years old, and I love it now more than ever. I’ve just grown up playing it my whole life and it has been the most important part of my life aside from my friends and family. I can’t imagine life without it.

What was you most proud moment?
                Winning the Gothia Cup in Sweden for my club team when I was younger.  It was a great experience and I got to play in front of thousands of people.

Best food for a first date?
                Wings. I think it’s a great test of how comfortable that person is with who they are as a person, if that makes sense. If a girl can have a go at a pile of wings and doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty and enjoying the meal, then she’s the girl for me!

Of course I had to dig a little deeper ask some questions that I knew would be on everyone's mind... Unfortunately ladies, he's taken and very happy in his relationship. He does have a brother... who is married. Don't let that get you down though! That just means there are actual hotties out there that are willing to commit!

Here's a fun fact for you...remember that brother? Well him and his wife are travel bloggers! Check them out here!

There you have it ladies! A charming guy with a nice smile, great soccer skills, and can hold onto a girl. Unicorns do exist!

Want to see more real-life local hotties? Let me know!

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