Friday, September 19, 2014

Confess Sesh | Naps & Cookie Dough

I feel like this is so long overdue. I have some things to fess up about, this week especially! I always love reading peoples confession posts because I'm nosy like that... so why not spread the nosy joy to all of you! Really, I'm doing a good thing.

1. I bought 2 packs of chocolate chip cookie dough... and ate at least half a pack of raw cookies. Sorry not sorry, I don't care one bit. Nomnomnom. 

2. I also ate cookies in bed while binge watching Criminal Minds... Give a girl a break, chocolate helps cramps and reduces stress. So really I was helping my body by eating chocolate chip cookies.

3. I'm obsessed with this season of Dancing with the Stars...This is also the first time I've ever watched it. Please don't smite me.

4. Going off of that, I might have teared up when LoLo was sent home... But only because that means Keo wont be a part of any main performances anymore! Just the dance-overs after commercials :(

5. I've been taking a 2 hour nap every day... But I wake up a lot at night so it's necessary! No shame.

6. I swore to everyone I wouldn't miss New England, but I so totally do. I love it in North Carolina but I'm jealous. Everyone up north has Fall sweater-weather, but here we just have Summer sweaty-weather. (Hah did you catch that?)

7. I bought some spiky pumpkin looking things and some gourds today... I'm trying to wait until October 1st to decorate, but the struggle is real!

8. When I ride my bike to class, I think it's fun to ride straight toward someone and see how long it takes them to get scared and move. Yes I know I'm a bad person. No, I do not care.

9. I people watch if I get bored in class, and try to figure out peoples life stories. #PsychologyMajorProblems

10. I hate latte's and pumpkin spice stuff (too sweet), but I want to try a pumpkin spice latte SO bad just to make it feel more like Fall. But they aren't dairy free and the hives and stomach problems aren't worth it. Stupid milk allergy.

Do you do any of these things? I can't be the only one! What do you want to fess up about this week? Let me be nosy!


  1. #7 I agree. SO much. #8 Hahahaha. I would totally do that if I rode a bike to class! :)

  2. Raw cookie dough is my kryptonite. I will eat a whole tub if no one stops me. Your list is hilarious and so fabulous! <3

    1. Isn't it just delicious?! And thank you!

  3. Find a cute, local coffee shop that sells lattes with milk substitute options! :) Around here we have coffee shops that have coconut, almond, or soy milk options. October-ish they start rolling out the pumpkin spice seasonal flavors. Maybe they do where you are, too!

    1. I wish!! Starbucks does have soy milk, but I'm allergic to the proteins in milk, and the pumpkin syrups most places use contain milk additives. :(

  4. I used to people watch in class too! Yesterday night I ate 4 fruit by the foots in one sitting...that was pretty embarrassing. I feel like I'd miss the north if I moved down south, so I understand that one!


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