Friday, September 26, 2014

Changing My Hair Color?!

Okay lovelies, I need some help! I want to change up my hair color.

If you've read my hair post, you'll know that my hair has been ombre for just over 2 years (since June of 2012 to be exact). I haven't dyed it since then! I also rarely use heat on my hair because I don't want to damage it. I've had fried hair before. I never want that to happen again.

I'm starting to want something a little different for my hair. I'm being pulled in 2 different directions, and I just cant pick one! Help me!

The first (safe) option, is going blonder with dark roots. I was blonde through highschool which is why it's a safe option for me. I know I'll like it. I just want to keep it a little darker at the top because darker roots look better on me. Essentially it's moving my ombre upward.


As you can see, I kinda had this going on a few years ago.

The con to this is it's a lot of upkeep, and can be very damaging. I mean hello, bleach. But I do love me some blonde.

Here you can see my natural hair color.
On the flip side, I'm thinking of going all over auburn. I have naturally brown hair, and it pulls red like crazy. In the summer it even gets a bit red! I would want it to look as natural as possible. No bright reds for me! I'm leaning toward this option because it's best to go darker in the Fall, plus it's totally different for me!

My hesitation is that I might hate the red, and it would be hard to go blonde after that. Oh decisions.

What do you think would suit me best?


  1. I think auburn would look so pretty!

  2. My hair pulls red also, and I've found it's easiest to just listen to the way it wants to go! When I died my hair all red it was WAY too much to handle, so I ended up compromising and going with a strawberry blonde with blonde highlights and redder lowlights, which ended up being one of my favorite colors ever (I have a dirty blonde natural color, though). Since your hair is darker, you could dip a toe in with chocolate with auburn highlights and see how you feel. A little bit of red without going too far, before you all out commit!

  3. Auburn would be so pretty, especially for fall!

  4. Sarah Jessica Parker ...would look good....

  5. I think auburn will look great on you. You look gorgeous. I'm sure you can carry diverse looks with little effort. Anyway, good luck with whatever color you choose. Thanks for sharing! Stay beautiful, Kimberly!

    Sadie Montgomery @ Hoshalls Folsom


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