Tuesday, September 30, 2014

10 Reasons I'm Excited for October

I would love to have this super fun, glare worthy story about my crazy weekend and why I didn't have time to blog...but I don't. Honestly? I had to read an entire book (because yes I'm that person) and get ready for an exam (which I took yesterday). Sorry guys! Since I don't have a fun recap to put up, I thought I'd do a fun list of everything I'm excited for in October. here we go.

1. Halloween Movies!

2. Wearing orange and black without getting weird looks

3. Gilmore Girls and Supernatural season 9 on Netflix

5. Pumpkin picking!

6. Seeing spooky decorations on houses

7. The weather cooling down (maybe)....hopefully

8. Making a Halloween costume (DIY is the best)

9. My little sisters 14th birthday!

10. An excuse to eat lots of candy

What's your favorite thing about October?


  1. Lots to look forward to! I want to go apple picking and carve a pumpkin for sure.

  2. I agree with all of these! I love the changing seasons. It's so beautiful. October is the last month were it's not completely miserable weather and actually TRUE fall. I love the colors and the fashion!


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