Friday, August 29, 2014

How To: Get The Most Out Of Your College Schedule

I don't know about your College/University, but my University has so many requirements! Between pre-requisite courses, Gen-Eds, and Major Requirements, sometimes it feels like I'll never graduate! If you're feeling the same way, don't fret! I have some scheduling tips that will totally help you!

1. Double Count. My original University was very specific about which classes could count toward more than one requirement, but my current University leaves a little more wiggle room. If you're allowed to count certain classes toward more than one requirement, do it! That's one less class you'll have to take in order to graduate, and more time to take classes you enjoy!

2. Online Classes. This may not be for some people, but it works for me! Every semester I take a full course load, plus an extra online class or two. I have no problem getting things done on my own without deadline reminders, and as long as I'm comfortable in the subject area, I've found that some online classes are a little easier than traditional lectures. This has helped knock a few Gen-Eds out of my way.

3. Summer Classes. If you're a go-getter and trying to pull a double major and minor, or just want space for extra classes, try taking some summer classes! These can usually be done online or at a school. To help cut down on costs, I recommend taking summer classes at a community college, just make sure the credits will transfer!

4. Timing is Key. If you work while in college (go you!) then you may want to try and get all of your classes on the same two days a week. This way, you can work the other 5 days. If your job is a morning/afternoon job, then try and get classes later in the day, and vs.vs if you have a night time job. I work three days a week in the morning and after noon, so all of my classes are Monday-Thursday and don't start until 2 at the earliest.

5. Once a Week Classes. Generally classes are two days a week for about an hour and a half, or three days a week for about an hour. It's nice to spread out the learning, but don't forget that there are also sometimes options to take classes that are for 3 hours once a week. If you have a heavy course load, a once a week class can feel like a saving grace.

These are things that have worked very well for me over the past two years. Hopefully they help some of you out too!

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  1. I love online classes--without them, I don't think I'd be able to work as much as I do. Just having one class online helps my schedule so much.


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