Saturday, June 28, 2014

Why Do People Steal?

Okay, mini rant. The other morning I was working at my store. One of the dudes who works at one of the other four stores came over to let me know that two girls had stole from their store. It happens.

About an hour later, these girls hit up my store. I knew what they were doing thanks to my coworker from next-door, and was able to get info from one of the girls as she tried to be chatty with me. We got the police involved as soon as the girls left and they ended up catching them.

Sometimes people just blow my mind. These girls bought something from every store they stole from, and stole matching clothes. I refuse to accept the "I need clothes and can't afford it," excuse. No one needs flashy tank tops with a ripped back design. That's more of a want

It's just a really frustrating experience. I'm always afraid to accuse people of stealing, even when I'm pretty sure they are, because I don't want to be rude... but then things like this happen, and I'm ready to put airport security at the exit of my store. 

Anyway, I just had to get that off my chest. I hope the young girls like their snazzy new criminal records to go with the clothes they tried to steal.


  1. That is such an awkward situation to have to be in, but on the other hand I would just love to call them out on it lol

  2. I used to work at Best Buy so you can imagine the amount of thefts going on for all sorts of goods and I've seen them first hand too but always get uncomfortable confronting them. Thank goodness we have loss prevention and managers to deal with those thieves but I understand where you're coming from - it's scary sometimes, especially since you don't know how they're going to react.

  3. My first retail job.. I had to follow a couple of suspicious customers.. I felt so weird and didn't like it at all. I actually ended up leaving that job because I didn't like having the responsibility of busting someone for stealing. You never know when they could pull a gun or knife or whatever on ya!! People are crazyyy

  4. It is really frustrating because then stores have to raise their prices and we all end up having to pay more!

  5. That is crazy. I just don't understand people. Even as a kid I frowned upon the "rebellious" girls who stole make up. It's just not cool.

  6. Gah that is so awkward! All of the places that I've worked with merchandise have been big enough to have Loss Prevention so I have no idea how I would react in this situation but I'm so happy you did right!


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