Monday, June 30, 2014

Top 5 Beauty Products & Tips For Summer

​Hi Beauts! Today I'm collaborating with Ashley from A Faithful Passion to bring you 5 tips and 5 products to keep you looking and feeling your best this summer! Instead of rambling, I'll jump into my five summer tips, and let Ashley finish off with her five summer products!

Drink Water. Constantly. No one looks good dehydrated. Not only does dehydration make you tired, it can also make your skin look dull and dry, and cause your lips to get chapped! Not cute. So make sure to carry a bottle of water with you this summer, and keep your skin nice and supple.

Sunblock. Sure a tan looks nice, but wrinkles and sun spots don't! Wear your sunscreen ladies and gents. While you may get snarky remarks about looking like milk on the beach, you'll be happy when you're forty and still getting carded at the liquor store.

Bronzer. If you still want to have a nice summer glow, grab your favorite bronzer and get to it! I add bronzer down the center of my legs and arms, and dust it on my chest and shoulders. It keeps me looking sun kissed, and you don't have to deal with smelly fake tanner.

Ease Up on Face Wash! Being out in the sun can sometimes dry your skin out a bit. Especially if you get a tan or burn. I usually adjust my skin care routine in the summer so I only wash my face every other day to avoid over-drying. It may not work for everyone skin type, but it has definitely helped me out!

Sleep. You're not invincible. Getting enough sleep will not only help you keep a positive attitude through-out the day, but it can also help your metabolism, and gives your body time to recover from the days events. So sleep! You deserve it.

There are my tips! Now I'll hand it over to Ashley to show you her 5 products:


Now that Summer is here we have to dramatically change our beauty routine to match the heat, humidity, and long nights! Check out my top 5 products I would definitely recommend for this Summer.

Oil Blotting Sheets: If you're anything like me these sheets WILL be your best friend. Instead of applying powder on top of oily, sticky skin take one of these sheets and blot the oil from your face. You'll then be able to decide if you'll need more powder.


Highlighter: I love the dusty, glow of a perfect highlight on the cheekbones! It just makes your makeup pop to me! Expect those summer rays to be beaming on you so give it a reason to stay!


Concealer: There will be some days in which you don't plan or want to apply a full face of makeup. Grab your favorite concealer and let that get the job done for you. Apply some under your eyes to "wake you up" and to conceal any blemishes! Be sure to blend, blend, and blend!


Brightly Colored Lipstick: I LOVE, LOVE wearing brightly colored lipstick! I feel that any girl can wear and color you just have to know how to blend it to fit your complexion. Don't be discouraged ladies.... Go out there and try something new!


Mascara: Always keep your eyelashes layered with mascara even if you don't apply other eye makeup. It will give the appearance of longer eyelashes as well as make them more awake!


What are your beauty go to's for this Summer? Anything I've left off this list? Let me know your favorites!


  1. LOVE it! I'm so with you on drinking the water and getting enough sleep! Thanks for the collab! :-)

  2. Love all of these tips and products! I couldn't agree more, especially about the water!!! Thanks for sharing :)

    xo Megan, Lush to Blush


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