Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Summer Reading List | Guest Post

Hi Lovelies! I'm in Atlantic City, NJ exploring today, so I thought I would leave you with a fun summer post by Jess from Bookworms in Dresses! She has a list of summer reads for you all, and I'll definitely be picking some of these up for the beach. Make sure you head to her blog so she can see your comments! Enjoy :)
 Hello there! I’m Jess from Bookworms in Dresses, I’m an incurable bookworm and for me the summer means reading! I have 23 books on my shelf right now to read, and countless more on my ever-growing list! I read a lot on vacations, but I normally go for a certain type of book when I’m lying in the sand. My favorite past beach reads are as follows:

If you’re looking to cry at the beach and hope maybe someone comes over to console you:

Sarah’s Key - A story about Nazi Germany and a key that unlocks an unknown door. The lead girl is searching for what the key unlocks and to learn more about where it came from. I won't lie, it made me cry when I read it. Here is where I could also suggest The Boy in the Striped Pajamas if you really wanted a WW2 story that will make you cry for hours. 

The Language of Flowers - A bittersweet romance novel (that I also have listed below in the romance section) about a girl lacking social skills who gets a job in a flower shop. She knows a lot about the language of flowers and has a rough past that made me bawl a few times. 
If you’re looking for romance reads to make your heart pitter patter, maybe sniffle here and there, and curse authors for making unrealistic expectations about our love lives. I've already covered The Language of Flowers, so let's look at the others!:

Something Borrowed - I know this was made into a movie too, but if I recall, the book went so much better. There was a lot to the book and I really enjoyed reading it...though at times I didn't like either of the lead girls, I still thought the story on whole was pretty good. The sequel Something Blue was a fun read too. 

Five Things I can’t Live Without - I read this book quite a long time ago, but I remember enjoying it. It's about a girl who writes other people's online dating profiles, and it's such a fun enjoyable read! I remember giggling a few times while reading it too! Almost like a Rom Com.   

If you’re looking for fun, silly, and laughter on the beach this summer, I'd check these out.:

Star Island - Carl Hiaasen writes some funny books, let me tell you. This one is all about a girl who acts as a stand in for a famous star to divert the paparazzi away from her. The star is currently going on a downward spiral and so her body double is trying to fool the press into thinking she's doing fine. It turns into a bit of a mystery as well and I love mysteries! 

Seriously… I’m kidding - I love Ellen and her book was full of laughs! It's one of those books that you put down and you have a huge smile on your face. 

 I'm really excited about a lot of books this summer, but as for beach reads, these are what top my list! I haven't gotten my hands on Frog Music or The One & Only, but I love the Room so I knew I had to get Frog Music. As for Emily Griffin, her books are nice paced for beach reads! I threw Pride & Prejudice on there because I feel like it's the perfect classic for the beach and I've only read Pride, Prejudice, & Zombies before. I feel like I should read the original! As for Bossypants, well I love Tina Fey and I feel like her book will be a lot like Ellen's. Laughing while reading a book is one of the best feelings ever!  

Do you have any books you are looking forward to reading over the summer? Or maybe you have a favorite beach read from the past? 


  1. I loved (and cried) through Sarah's Key.I am going to have to update my request list from the library now- great suggestions!

  2. I totally wrote down a couple of these! Especially the one about online dating profiles! Thanks so much for the suggestions!

  3. i want to read BossyPants too!


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