Sunday, June 22, 2014

Hair Care & Styling Tips for Curly Hair!

If you've ever used #curlyhairprobs then you're gonna love this post! I always get questions about my hair, from how I get my curls to how I get it so long. Well, I'm finally going to answer! If you wanna know how I do my hair, some tips for managing natural curls, or just love all things hair, keep reading! I'm going to break my hair down by section.

TEXTURE: I have naturally curly hair. Once it's dry, I have chunky ringlets/spiral curls, with a few waves mixed in. I definitely have dry hair. It takes quite a lot to make it seem oily, which comes with the curly hair territory. That also means it can look like straw if I don't use the right conditioner :/

LENGTH: My hair is long. While dry and curly it goes down to my lower back.  When it's wet and straight it's almost down to my butt!

Naturally Curly Hair

THICKNESS: Each individual strand is actually very fine, but I have so much hair that it makes it look and feel thick - according to my hairdresser. Basically, I shed like Chewbacca.

COLOR: My hair is naturally very dark. (About a level 4.) It pulls red and looks like a dark auburn if I get lots of sun. My hair is currently ombre. It goes from my natural dark hair, to a medium brown (level 5) to a dark blonde (level 7) finally to super blonde at the tips (level 9/10). It's all pretty blended though. Ain't no one got time for skunk hair.

HAIR CARE: Don't wash every day! I wash my hair every 3 days. That might sound gross, but it actually helps keep my hair healthy. Washing your hair strips the oils from your scalp, which keeps them from moisturizing your hair. Sometimes it can cause your scalp to overproduce oil since it is suddenly lacking, making it feel like you have oily icky hair! Having naturally dry curls, I need those oils to make their way to the tips. When you first transition to washing your hair every other day or every few days, it may feel weird. Keep going. I usually just tie my hair up in a bun when I shower, and presto! Soft, healthy hair. I religiously use Pantene Flat to Volume shampoo, and for conditioner I switch between any one from the Organix line, and Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Conditioner.

Naturally long curly hair

PRODUCTS: I don't put very much in my hair. I towel it dry after showering, and comb through it. I then just run my fingers through it, and apply a quarter size amount of Ouidad Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel. I run this through my hair, and then use whatever is left on my hands to gently scrunch my hair and get it back to it's normal curly self. If I want a little extra volume at my roots, I'll add some Aussie Aussome Volume mousse. I also love adding some Not Your Mothers Beat the Heat Thermal Spray, especially in the warmer months.

STYLING: Stay away from curling/straightening your hair! It totally messes with my hair texture and always takes about a week for my curls to go back to normal after. I usually let my hair air dry, or I flip it upside down and blow it dry to cut down on frizz. Sounds weird right? All I do is lightly scrunch or hold my curls for a few seconds and go around drying my hair that way. I never run my fingers or a brush through it when I blow it dry. When I first get done I look a bit like a poodle, but it settles after 15 minutes and looks fantastic.

I hope this is helpful and answers all of your questions! Let me know if there's anything else you want to know :)


  1. This is awesome!! Your curls are amazing! I have natural waves, though, and I've found if I comb them at all after I get out of the shower it's a hot mess (so I have to brush them before I shower and then after---hands off!!). How wide are the teeth on your comb? It would be nice to know there was not a complex network of tangles happening at the back of my head when I'm going naturally wavy!!

    I'm definitely going to try the Ouidad gel--the one I've been using is way to sticky and makes my curls crunchy :/

    Thanks for posting!

    1. Thank you!! The comb that works best for me has thick teeth that are about a half inch apart. You might also love the tangle tamer!!! I use it when my hair is just impossible to get through :)

  2. My hair is super curly, and like you, I only wish it about twice a week. I am also very careful about the products I use. I find that anything ending in "cone" in the ingredients leaves horrible buildup on my hair, and I am amazed at how many anti-frizz products on the market include alcohol! That is the last thing a curly girl needs! Right now I am trying to figure out how to deal with these curls in the summer. The products I use keep it from frizzing but they don't keep my head cool!

  3. These are great tips! I have curly hair too, but I don't wear it natural often, especially since I got these long bangs that I am working on growing out! Do you use a diffuser when you blow dry? I used to but since I got my new blow dryer, I haven't bought a new attachment. It works so well though!!

    xo Megan, Lush to Blush

  4. I wish I wish I had curly hair! You always want what you don't have... Love your blog Kimberly! Ellie x

  5. Love your curls. My curls have recently been sucking lately. So I should try some of these products.

  6. Our hair is pretty much the same! I saw a life hack on Buzzfeed saying that drying your hair with a t-shirt instead of a towel keeps frizz down and it really works!! Also, how do you keep your hair tangle free? Since mine is fine and I have so much, it is always tangly!

  7. I definitely know #curlyhairprobs. Have you tried co-washing? I co-wash during the week and use shampoo for my Saturday wash day.

  8. Although I am straight haired, I have to say on behalf of my curly-haired friends and family: thank you for this post! I'm going to share this with them, so they can see what you do. It can be so difficult sometimes. It's like no one understands curly hair - how to use it, how to tame it, how to cut it. It's really frustrating for them!

    ~ Katie

  9. you hair is so beautiful! I have always wished for curly hair.

  10. When cleansing your hair, be sure to focus your shampoo mainly on your scalp to avoid potentially drying out your ends. curling iron for long hair


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