Sunday, June 1, 2014

Guest Post: What I'm Pinning ~ Summer Edition

What a treat I have for you all. Amanda from College is Love is doing a guest post today! Ready for some summertime inspiration? Today Amanda has some awesome summery pins to show you. Take a look:


Hi All,
My name is Amanda and I blog over at College is Love! One of my favorite websites on the internet is Pinterest. I get so many wonderful ideas on the site, and one of my favorite series I do on my blog is the What I'm Pinning series. Basically I take a bunch of my favorite pictures from my Pinterest account and tell you why they are the! I have done this a couple times on my site and I'll link them at the end! Today just for Kimberly's Chronicle, I am doing a summer edition!

Nothing says summer like a lot of cupcakes! Just me? Okay. I love these cupcakes because of how light and airy they look. A lot of the foods I show in this Pinterest haul are the same way. When it comes time for summer my first thoughts calm with a light airy breeze, which is crazy becuase I live in Arkansas where the humidity is horrible. I can dream can't I? I don't normally go for anything with lemon in it, but these cupcakes might change my mind.

Another super light looking recipe. I was definitely intrigued by this picture because when I think of fudge I usually see regular chocolate not white chocolate. I have been growing a love of white chocolate all year, and will normally take it over milk or dark chocolate. These fudge bars look like a very delicious summer snack.

Now on to something that looks somewhat healthy for you! This yummy looking naturally flavored water looks like just what summer ordered! I love water, but only to a point. Sometimes I want a little something in my water, but let's face it things like Mio aren't healthy for you. They say no calories, but still. This water actually looks like something I'd want to drink.

I have been obsessing over this print from Lilly Pulitzer and this picture from Pinterest definitely reminded me of summer! The Lilly Pulitzer She She Shells print features starfish and clams that just scream beach vacation. Plus everyone needs a cute pair of sunglasses to get them through the summer heat.

For some reason the summertime brings out the crafty girl in me, and I just want to craft all day long. I love this simple project because all you have to do is go to your local craft store or even just Walmart and get paint chips and a fun hole punch. Get some modge podge and a place to stick your new cutouts on and you have an easy craft!

I am preparing for a beach trip as we speak, so I am in love with this outfit! I think it's an extremely simple yet cute outfit that would be perfect for a relaxing day in the sand and a night out with family and friends. 

Sometimes I think we all have to remember to relax. This quote is very summery, and it reminds everyone to just take a step back and enjoy the waves.

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I think it's perfectly okay to indulge a little during the summer and these meringue cookies seem like the perfect way to do that. I mean sweat from humid temperatures counts as excercise right? Thought so! I love these because they look like colored air whipped into cookie form.

I am in love with the simplicity of this outfit. It's just a simple oversized white shirt and lightwash blue jean shorts. Nothing over complicated but still amazingly cute!

I absolutely love this picture! I have been obsessed with flower crowns for a while now, and I love this one for buns. Sometimes we all have a put my hair in a bun day so this looks like the perfect way to make it cute. 

Those are some of my favorite summery pins. I pin a lot so check me out on Pinterest and see my last three What I'm Pining Posts: 1, 2, 3. Check out my blog if you want to see more of me. Thanks so much to Kimberly for allowing me to guest post on her blog!

-Amanda C.

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  1. This all makes me want to go down the shore, NOW!


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