Sunday, May 11, 2014

Zimby Can't Meow

I am absolutely exhausted from working and babysitting all day, but I just have to do this post. So yippee, you get a post on a Sunday! But no, seriously, Zimby can't meow...

When miss Zim was little, she had the tiniest, quietest meow, and it was very rare to hear it. One year later, she still rarely ever meowed, until now. The past month she has been exercising her vocal chords for whatever reason. She always used to just sigh. A tell tale sign that you've annoyed her in anyway, is when she does blows tons of air out her nose and sighs...yes, she's strange. Anyway, she definitely doesn't meow much, but I hear her meow once or twice every few days which is way different than it used to be. I've only heard it during times that she's looking for me, or when I first walk in the door. I don't know how to describe it. It's still quiet and kind of high pitch...but her pitch fluctuates. She kind of sounds like a pubescent boy...if they meowed. She does it so quick it's easy to miss, but man, she sound so funny!

"Ugh Mom you're so embarassing!"

She's one unique kitty, that's for sure. Does anyone else have a cat that doesn't really know how to meow? It's so weird!


  1. I had a cat who couldn't meow. She sounded like an old smoker,,,hoarse, staggered and more like a chirp. Loved her. Thanks for bringing her back to my memory and for sharing Zim. :-)


  2. Aww! I love cat stories and pictures! My little girl was at the shelter for almost a year before we adopted her. They swore up and down that they had never heard her meow - maybe she was mute? Nope! Within a few days at home, she quickly turned into a rather vocal kitty who will have some rather long conversations :)

  3. Such a Cute Kitty! Zimby is a great unique name! My cat Mordechai was a weird meower (is that a word?) his meow sounded like a croak we used to say he was half frog but suddenly it was like he could meow, it was strange and now he wont stop.


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