Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Venus Snap Review!

Ready for a review? Influenster sent me the Venus Snap razor to test out, and I decided it's definitely worth doing a review for it! Ready for my thoughts?

The snap is marketed as the perfect razor to travel with. It is from the Venus Embrace line of razors which include a strip around the outside of the blades that act as a moisturizer and soap. You can just wet it down and do a quick shave.

Comfort/Size: When I first saw this box, I thought I was going to hate it. The handle is so small, I didn't think there was any way I would be able to get a good shave with it. Boy was I wrong! It's squishy and flexible, and the fact that it is so small makes it easier to use! I actually have switched to using this as my every day razor. I also love the little container it comes in. It's definitely small enough for my purse, I just wish they could make it even smaller.

Ease of Use: I do really like this razor for on the go. I've never liked shaving cream and have always just shaved with water, and this makes it much smoother. I also like that I can do a quick touch up. Sometimes it takes a tank top on a hot day to remember you haven't shaved in two days!

Cost: This little baby retails for about $9.50. It's a great price for an every day razor and a good price for a travel razor. If you're just going on one trip and don't care how close the shave is, you might as well just get disposables. BUT, if you go on more than one trip, this will save you money because instead of buying multiple packs of disposable, you just have this one! You can also use any of the Venus razor heads to refill it. Overall, I think it retails for a good price.

Overall: I surprisingly liked this little thing, or else I wouldn't be doing a review. It's my new favorite razor because I like holding this much more than a traditional razor and feel like that helps me get a better shave. Definitely going to buy refills!

*DISCLAIMER* Influenster sent me this product to try out. I'm not obligated in any way to do a review what so ever, and am encouraged to give my honest opinion of the product. All opinions are my own, of course :)


  1. Was this part of the spring voxbox? I Might've just ruined the surprise for when I get to work :) Is it weird that the travel case is what draws me in here? I hate packing razors, even with the guard.

    1. Nope! This was just it's own box, no worries :) And yeah I do love having a little travel case!

  2. I wasn't sure about this product because of the size too, but after reading this, I may give it a try! It looks like the perfect size razor to travel with, and I love that it has its own little storage box!


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