Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Throwing A Bachelorette Party

Hey there. If you didn't already know, I threw my cousins bachelorette party this past Saturday. It was a blast! My cousin is a little more reserved, and has two beautiful kiddo's, so she wanted something clean and low key. I made sure to keep her wishes in mind when I was planning. She also has one bridesmaid that is only 17, so there were a few things we couldn't do, like clubbing. Overall, the party was a success and I thought I would share with you guys what we did! Maybe give you a few ideas :)

My overall vision for the party was a big girly slumber party. Since she's about to get married and has kids, she doesn't really get to do the slumber party thing anymore. I thought it would be nice for her to have time with her friends, and pamper herself. I got the ladies bags from Michaels that double as lunch bags, and filled them with pampering items like face masks, nail kits and polish, lotion, etc. 

 On the back of our shirts, we put how long we've known the bride.

I also thought it would be fun for everyone to make their own shirt! I got the Ashlee (the bride) a plain white t-shirt, and got everyone else a soft pink t. We used fabric markers to decorate the shirts which was great because we didn't have to wait for them to dry! They came out very cute. 

We all went out to dinner, then I whisked everyone off to a secret scavenger hunt on Hampton Beach! I put together a list that I knew everyone would be comfortable doing, and split up the ladies into two groups. We all had to take a picture or video of everything, and each task was worth different amounts of points.

 One of our tasks was to take a pic with a random guy

When we came home, the slumber party began. We had cookies, popcorn, Magic Mike (of course), and lots of girl talk! We were up until after 3am, but everyone had fun. If you have a more reserved bride, or underage bridesmaids, it's still totally possible to have a fun bachelorette party! You just have to get creative :)


  1. aw so cute!! =D looks like fun!


  2. Awwww, sounds like you girls still had a lot of fun! (:

  3. Looks so fun! And so much more normal than my bachelorette party! I think a fun girls night is in order on a regular basis!


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