Monday, May 26, 2014

The Future of Love in a Box Blogger Swap

Love in a Box Blogger Swap Kimberly's Chronicle Letter Snail Mail

I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that this is the last month for the Love in a Box swap. The good news is that I may bring it back during the holiday season!

When I first started the swap, I never intended for it to become as big as it did. I was incredibly thankful when Megan joined me in hosting the swap. We are both very busy, especially in the summer, and organizing the swap for every month and answering all the emails and assigning partners has become too big of a time commitment for either of us to handle. Therefore, the swap is going to take a rest for the summer.

One thing you all will learn is that I'm crazy around the holidays. Black Friday is my favorite day of the year (okay, next to Christmas), and I'm generally just obsessive. I'm considering bringing the swap back for themed months during the holidays, so be on the look out! Without further ado, here is the last spring Love in a Box link-up.

Time for a link-up! Love in a Box is a monthly blogger swap hosted by Kimberly from Kimberly's Chronicle, and Megan from Lush to Blush. This is the final month of the swap, however it may return in the holiday season :)   
Did you participate in this month's Love in a Box? If you did then grab a button and link on up girl!  

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We would love to read about your May swap! Stick around and check out what the other girls received in their swap boxes this month. Don't forget to use #MayLoveBox or #BloggerSwap on Twitter and Instagram!

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