Sunday, May 25, 2014

Selling Back Clothes?

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I have to admit something. There are some clothes in my closet that I've had since...eighth grade. Ah! With my big move down to North Carolina coming up in a few short months, I've been taking a second look at my closet. I'm one of those people who will keep something forever, even if I never wear it, because I'm sure that someday I'm going to need it and will be happy I kept it. I need to just let go. Plus, this girl wants to go shopping, but there's no room left!

I always clean out my closet and donate clothes, but I definitely could do a more thorough job. I'm planning on going through every piece of clothing I own, and taking out the things I haven't worn in the past few months (like a normal person usually would).

Here is my question to you all! I want to make a little extra cash so I can get some new clothes. I'm definitely going to need more "warm weather" clothes since North Carolina has a much difference climate than New England! I'm not sure if I should go the consignment route with my old clothes, or one of the online sites where I just send it all to them and they send me a check. What places (online or in-store) do you recommend? There's quite a few things in there that I bought without trying on, and have never even wore! It would be great to get a little cash back so I can update my wardrobe a bit.

Thanks in advance!


  1. I use a consignment store. You could also try ebay, but the consignment route has been fairly successful for me. Good luck!

  2. You can try shopenvy or poshmark. I know a lot of people have success with those things. Since you're on a time table though, make sure to set a deadline on things and have an "OBO" part in the description. Then count out what you have left in terms of 3 of different types of clothing (tops, dresses, jacket, shoes, etc.) and donate them. I recommend the counting thing because that helps you tabulate how much to write off as a charitable donation in your next tax filing.

  3. I use to sell my old clothes on Facebook. I'd make it another FB account with a "business name" and add other profile stores that's doing the same thing. You pretty much just make albums like 'Tops', 'Outerwear' etc. and post picture along with the condition and price. And when other people are interested, they'll buy it.

    It's a bit tedious setting up the store, taking pictures, and networking with other stores but it's worth it because you get your own price and don't have to pay any expenses. Downside is probably having to meet up and/or constantly promote your store.

    It's very popular to have an online FB store in Vancouver, but I'm not sure if it's popular in your area. I also have friends using Instagram too.

  4. I am a person who has a shopping problem and cleans out their closet at least every three months. I've done just about everything from eBay to consignment. I would say overall eBay has been the most successful for me and what I have made the most money from. It's also nice because besides shipping it out there isn't much else you have to do besides take the pictures. I did a Facebook store for awhile but if you don't have or want to dedicate a lot of time to it I would say this isn't the way to go. I have recently started selling the higher end items on eBay and then taking everything else to a local consignment shop. It really is nicer to do this because they handle everything. Saves you a lot of time! I hope that helps!


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