Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Recap: Ashlee's Wedding!

It's only been two days since I last wrote a blog post, but it feels like a lifetime. My life the past few days has felt like a lifetime. Do you ever have those? A day goes by that feels like a week, and you can't even remember what time you went to bed the night before? At least those days are productive!

Speaking of peoples lives, let's talk about the fact that my beautiful cousin Ashlee got married on Saturday May 17th! I am so incredibly happy for her and her husband Gareth, and their happy little family. They have two adorable sons, Sam and Eli, and are just the most perfect little family you could find. Not to mention great parents! The wedding was amazing, and I am so honored and happy I got to be a part of it.

I was one of Ashlee's bridesmaids, along with her best friend Mary, cousin Felicia, and sister in-law Moriah. Ashlee has been so laid back about the entire wedding, the first time she started to stress was the day before. Even then she was an easy bride! I on the other hand love to be in charge and organize. So of course I ran the day, yelling at random strangers in all my glory. No but really, Ashlee was more than happy to let me do the directing and yelling, and I was beyond happy to do it. Getting to set up a wedding and reception? Hell yeah!
Me, Ash, and my mom. I thought this one was funny.

She looked gorgeous, and I had an absolute blast. We don't have the photos from the photographer yet, but here are some that I snapped before the wedding.


  1. So beautiful and excellent photos! Life goes by so fast, if you blink you miss it!

  2. Such lovely pictures! I love those bridesmaid dresses - such a pretty color!

  3. I love weddings! Your cousin looks so pretty, as do you! I love that bridesmaids dress!

  4. Awe! Everyone/thing looks fabulous! Great photos!



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