Friday, May 2, 2014

Making Me Smile

With all of the stress of finals and schedules and the start of my summer, I thought it would be good for me to look back on this week and think about what made me smile. Negative things happen to everyone everyday, but we can choose to see the positive instead. Here's what's creating wrinkles and making me smile:

 My cousins baby. On Wednesday my cousin and I took her kiddos to play at an indoor play area. While her brave little 2 year old was climbing and sliding, I plopped the 7month old down in front of a mirror and he loved it. His smiling just melted my heart, and of course made me smile.

My Psychobiology Exam 4 grade. Psychobiology is known at UNH for being difficult, and man I can attest to that. We got our last exam back and I got a B! It was a bit awkward because when he handed it back, I actually said "Yippee!" and probably looked like a dog who saw you grab the leash for a walk. Either way, the entire encounter and my grade definitely put a smile on my face.

Zimby. Isn't it expected?

Fake Tan. I still have a tan from Spring break and North Carolina, but I just wanted to enhance it a bit with a light layer of fake tan. No shame. At all.

Coming full circle. Recently I've noticed that some things in my life are coming full circle. There are things that I said I was going to do or wanted to do, way back when I was like 4. Those desires left as I got older, and were replaced by new ones. It's funny that many of them have popped up again and are being accomplished...But I'll do a different post on that!

Keep smiling!


  1. Stay positive and others will pick it up :) Thanks for the smiles!

  2. Hi kim, agreed, choosing to see the positive is a wonderful way to live your life. P.S your baby cous is adorable!


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