Tuesday, May 13, 2014

How To Land A Summer Job

Summer is in the air. Oh wait, no that's just pollen. Anyway, today I'm going to give you some tips on how to land a Summer Job. If you don't already know, I manage a beach store during the Spring, Summer and beginning of Fall. Between my store and the three other's that the owners have, we get tons of applications and share some of them. Here are things I wish I could tell applicants, and things I expect them to just know.

Apply Early! Most of our applications come in between the end of April and the end of May. Final decisions are made by June 1st. You may be an amazing applicant, but if 5 other outstanding applicants applied before you, you won't be first in line for the job. You also don't want to miss the hiring! We get people who apply the first week of June, and we have to just hold their application because we've already filled spots. Don't let that be you!

Look Presentable. I don't know what is running through applicants heads when they apply, but I get people who look downright nappy. They'll be wearing ripped up clothes and look like they haven't brushed their hair in months. High Fever (my store) has a "chill" atmosphere, but I don't want employees that look lazy and dirty. I'm not expecting people to come in wearing a suit, or even khakis. Even just a clean pair of jeans and a nice blouse would do!

Know how to fill out an application. The application for High Fever is pretty standard, and not hard to figure out. For some reason, people still leave things blank. One that really bothers me is when people leave their availability blank, or the number of hours they would prefer to work. It's okay to not know the details yet, but at least put down a general idea of what you're looking for. It makes it easier for me to quickly see what you're looking for so we can talk about it, instead of me having to sit and wait for you to contemplate your entire summer schedule when we're talking.

Be specific! Know what you're looking for. I always talk to people when they hand me an application, so I can get a feel for the type of worker they may be, but also if they will fit with what I need for the store. I absolutely hate when I ask someone "Which stores specifically would you be okay working in?" and they reply with "Oh I don't care. Whatever works." While it may seem like you're helping me out, you're not. We share applications, and I need to know where you want to work. This also apply's if someone asks you "What position are you looking for?" Don't just say "whatever is available." Make sure you tell them the positions you are interested in!

Work Weekends. Period. Probably 1 out of every 2 applicants I get tells me they can work any time during the week, but not weekends. This is a summer job. The busiest time of the week is going to be weekends, and that's when lots of coverage will be needed. People who tell me they can't work weekends or would prefer to not work weekends, are most likely going to be pushed to the back of the application pile.

Be Engaging. I get it. It can be intimidating talking to a potential employer/manager. It's intimidating for me too! If you just stand there looking bored and being mute, you probably won't leave a lasting impression. It's not like we're pulling teeth! The people who actually have conversations with me and seem interested in the store, are the people I'm going to remember.

Those are my top tips for landing a summer job. It's not rocket science, but sometimes people just need to be reminded that a job is a job, whether it's for 3 months or 3 years. Put a little effort in, and you're sure to get hired somewhere! 

Warby Parker


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  2. These are great tips! Thanks for sharing!


  3. Good luck! So many summer opportunities out there. Even look into internships! Those would be great especially if you're in college. Nice post!

  4. Girl I LOVE THIS. I definitely want to share it. You are inspiring :)



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