Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Extended Weekend Recap

Holy Moly what a weekend! Yes, I'm including Monday in that since it was Memorial Day :) I might as well take up residence at High Fever (the store I manage), because I basically live there. I wake up, go to work, come home, check emails and bang out a blog post, then go to bed and repeat. I'm having a great time, but whew! For now, Zimby and I are perfectly happy living off of Mtn Dew.

Zimby Cat Mtn Dew Kitty Cute Sleeping Soft Fuzzy

Believe it or not, May is when we get the most hours. Boxes of new clothing styles are coming in, and the days are just short enough where one person (the manager aka me) can tough it out. In the busy season we have two shifts per day, so the hours I work are actually shorter, plus I have another person there to talk to! 

As you can probably understand, I'm a bit busy, and am going to be putting up some wonderful guest posts by my blog friends from time to time. In the mean time, if there is a particular post you want to see, a post you would like to write, let me know! You can leave it in the comments below or email me.

Oh and I would love to hear about what you all did over the weekend! I was running the store, but the weather was gorgeous and I'm sure most of you did something fun. Put it in the comments below!


  1. It's Sam from Autumn-star.com, by the way, just figured I would let you know that since your blog comment section has no option for URL :3 But anyway, I had a great weekend, just hung out around the apartment, did very little of anything but we spent Memorial Day in and outdoors because it was suppose to rain. So lame, haha, but it was still good anyway! Did you do anything for Memorial Day?

    1. sounds like a nice relaxing day! I was just at the store all day :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Mt Dew is literally the only thing that keeps me awake anymore!! It works wonders!

    XO Color Me Courtney


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