Saturday, April 19, 2014

My Cat is Spoiled Rotten

Zimby enjoys lounging around wrapped up in a blanket in her spare time.

It has come to my attention that my beautiful little Zimby is spoiled. Rotten. At Christmas she has a stocking full of presents, she gets toys during her birthday week, she has a million plushy beds even though she sleeps with me every night, and when I have to leave for more than a few hours, I leave a detailed list of her every need for my roommates. Maybe I take it a bit overboard, but she's basically my child.

A little back-story. September of 2012, I was just looking around at kitties. I wasn't very serious about getting one, I just love looking at kittens. Who doesn't?! I came across one ad that really hit home with me. A box full of 7 kittens had been found. There was no mommy cat, and the box was left outside of an apartment complex. The woman who found the box gave half of the kittens to her neighbor to help find them homes as quickly as possible. Based on their teeth and size, she said they looked to be around 6 weeks old. I saw a picture of one little kitten with a black smudge on her nose and had to have her. I took her to the vet as soon as I got her. They said she was pretty small for a 6 week old, but she was doing all the things a 6 week old kitten does, and had the appropriate teeth. That's why she has a birthday week instead of day.

6 week old Zimby, the first day she came home
Anyway, because she had no mommy when she was little, and was left outside in a box, I love to spoil her. She also is very attached to me because of how young she was when I got her. Therefore, I spoil her rotten and don't look back. Right now I'm making her an Easter basket and trying to figure out how to keep her out of it until it's actually Easter. Why not? She always has tons of food and water at her disposal (and if it gets too low for her liking, she flips it over) and maybe has become a little bit of a pampered brat, but I don't care. Oh my little Zim. 

10 week old Zimby. Oh so little.
I joke about becoming a cat-lady, but that'll never happen. Zimby doesn't like other cats and would be miserable, plus I'm happy with just her. Anyway, where are my fellow cat lovers? I know I can't be the only one who spoils my kitty like it's her last day on earth.  


  1. Awww, Zimby is so cute! Her kitten photos are adorable! I had a 10 weeks old kitten named Mia but I had to give her away when I found out I was slightly allergic to her. I ended up giving Mia to my old co-worker so I still get updates and on she's go - grown so big since I last seen her!

  2. Aw that's great that you get to check up on her! Sorry about your allergies :/

  3. Oh my god, she's so adorable. I totally know how you feel - I always wanted a cat but my sister was (is) allergic, so I didn't get to have one until *she* decided she wanted one. She had a chicken before that but we had to give him away when it got cold - didn't have a place for him inside the house - so my mom heard that a woman's cat had given birth and she was looking for a home for the kittens, and after much pleading, one morning she came home with this TINY little elusive furball the size of a hand. That was actually September 2011 and I too have a tag for him on my blog. And an Instagram full of cat pictures. Do you have to have a lot of cats to be a crazy cat lady? Because I'm a lady who's crazy about my one cat. Who also sleeps with me every night. My baby. ♥

    1. Ah love it. Cats make the world go round.

  4. I can totally relate! I've probably spoiled my cat, Lion, too! And yep, I named him after the Lion in Narnia. Hahaha! Anyway, my Lion just destroyed my couch a few days back, but he still won me over by his snuggles. Really spoiled. Hahaha! Zimby looks absolutely adorable, BTW. Have a fun summer!

    Priscilla Price @ The Pet Glider


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