Thursday, April 24, 2014

Guest Post: Ready to Run!

Hi there lovelies! While I'm touring Wilmington in all it's North Carolina glory, Ellie from Looking for Love Online is saving my life sanity and guest posting today! Ellie is an amazing person and truly sweet. We've worked together before, when one of my horrible date stories appeared on her blog. You can read that hilarious post here. The horror. Make sure you head to Ellie's blog, and definitely check out this funny post about the types of Facebook friends she's deleting with her Spring Cleaning post!
Hey there! I'm Ellie over at Looking for Love Online.
I'm a twenty-something, post-college gal who's trying to find that one true love through online dating.

If you've ever tried online dating, you know those guys who just automatically make you run away.
But when do we miss those signs that someone just isn't the one for us??

Here are some things to look out for:

1.) No full frontal pictures of their face. If all you see is side view, torso, or dog pictures... this could be a problem. If they aren't confident enough to show their face, they aren't confident enough to be dating you.

2.) Seeking Employment. I can understand if a guy is on there just for someone to talk to and new friends, but if you want someone to take you out on a date...they'll need a job. If they have a lot of excuses as to why they don't work (I have a hard time finding a job, I refuse to work in fast food, I've been laid off and no one will hire me) that shows laziness.

3.) Always me, me, me. If you are the one always asking the questions to figure out more about him and he's not trying to figure you out, this could be a huge problem. I've been talking to a guy on and off for about a month and he just now figured out what I do at my job...and not because he asked.

4.) Calling you baby in the first conversation. The term "baby" is meant for personal, intimate relationships. At first, you should be addressed as a lady (a.k.a. a grown woman) not some child. Calling someone baby before getting to know them is like insulting them. They should remember your real name before calling you baby.

5.) Mentions sex before other important things. Unless you're strictly looking for a hookup, sex shouldn't come up until you two have been on more than a handful of dates. If the sex topic comes up before asking about your career or life goals, you can already tell where his priorities lie.

6.) Lives with parents while working full-time. This one has a slight bit of leniency, because if they are transitioning from college to real world that would be okay. If they've lived with their parents for a long time and don't see a need to move out until they get! Seriously, take my advice because I've experienced this disaster in more than 2-3 ways with different people. This shows signs of immaturity and not wanting to grow up. Just because you work a full-time career doesn't make you mature. If he's making enough money to pay rent, he should be doing the same.


  1. I know the pains of looking for love online. I dated enough guys through online means to fill a football stadium but finally found my fiancee (husband in 2 days!!!) on Craigslist. Always my favorite site for dating. I would have to disagree with you on your last point, though. While difficult to date someone living with their parents (I do/did too) it didn't mean he was immature, it just meant he was saving money and only paying $600 in rent compared to spending $1200. Thanks to that he had a lot of savings to put into buying the condo we just purchased together. Just a different side of things :) Good luck to all those dating online!

    1. Good point! Thanks for the insight :)

    2. That's awesome you found someone through online dating!! And really, your fiance doesn't apply to the last category because he was actually holding his end up by paying rent! I guess I probably should have clarified that it would be bad if mommy and daddy were still providing everything for them. Thanks for your input!! :)


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