Thursday, March 6, 2014


I'm gonna jump right in to today's topic. I'm thinking about going vegan. Before anyone starts yelling at me in the comments, let me tell you why I'm thinking about it. 

As you might already know, I have a milk allergy. No, not lactose intolerance. You can read about it here if you're confused. Anyway, no dairy at all for this girl. It's kind of hard to find dairy free foods that are truly dairy free. Most of the time I have to go with vegan foods to be on the safe side.

I feel tons better than before I found out about the allergy. I don't get hives when I eat anymore, and I don't feel sick! However, I've noticed that I tend to feel sick after eating eggs. Obviously it isn't a food allergy, but I think my body just doesn't like digesting eggs.

I'm also not a huge meat eater. Don't get me wrong, I'll eat a hamburger anytime, but I always feel that same bit of nauseousness after eating. Beef is just so heavy. Add on the fact that I don't like turkey, I've never been a pork lover, and chicken is a once a week thing for me, what's stopping me?!

I'm going to ask my doctor about extra vitamins I might need to take, but I think I'm going to try living the vegan life. I think my body will thank me. I might have a cheat day every once in a while, but the point is I want eat foods my body likes.

Are any of you vegan?


  1. I think with your allergy.. it makes perfect sense! You can easily replace hamburgers with veggie burgers! :) I tried the vegetarian thing, and my iron is already low enough, and I'm horrible about taking vitamins so it just wasn't good for me to continue! Just make sure and find out what supplements to take, also if they suggest protein ones for any reason, make sure it doesn't contain dairy, because the kind we had at Starbucks did and I figured out why I felt so sick after I was drinking soy smoothies!

    1. Ohhh yeah! I'm very careful about any protein because I'm allergic to whey, but yeah Starbucks can definitely get ya!

  2. I've been mostly vegan for about a year and a half now. The thing is, I don't think it has to be all or nothing. We don't normally buy non-vegan food, but if I'm at someone's house I will eat what's available and if I get the wrong order at a restaurant I'd rather eat it than send it back to be thrown away. I don't think I'd eat meat again, but the occasional cheese or eggs won't make such a big difference. We also have a friend with chickens that we've gotten eggs from twice in the last year. It's pretty easy to get protein and you don't need as much as people think. The only supplement I get is B12. We get monthly shots because it's easier than remembering every day. I feel tired if I don't get it. Anyway, it's pretty easy to cook great vegan food for yourself and I only really have problems at restaurants because the options are very limited in my town. Good luck :)

  3. I'm not vegan, but you actually CAN be allergic to eggs. My uncle is. It's not fun, but it's definitely possible. Also, you should get tested for a gluten allergy before you go vegan because it's exceptionally hard to live a gluten free, vegan lifestyle.


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