Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tip Tuesday | 3 Ways to Style a Racerback Top

When I went down to Florida for spring break, I basically packed my closet in my bag. I changed outfits a few times a day depending on what we were doing, but I noticed that I developed a spring/summer staple piece! 

 You can find the tops here.

A few weeks ago I bought 2 of the American Rag Sleeveless Racerback Top's from mstylelab at Macy's. I like them because they are light weight, thing, incredibly soft, and super cute. Not gonna lie, I alternated them while I was on break, and wore one every day. Because of their shape, you can use them for so many different outfits! I'm going to head to Macy's to buy some more, but in the mean time here are some ways to style these tops:

 Here I paired the mint top with a pair of jeans and some flats. Perfect for class or running errands.

 These tops are great for working out! They're light-weight so you don't get too hot, cover what you need covered, and show a little bit of whatever cute sports bra you're wearing underneath!

Here I did a small tie on the side of the top, and paired it with a maxi skirt that I also bought at Macy's. Perfect for a hot day in the summer!

Head on over to www.macyscampustour.com to see more outfit ideas from mstylelab. You can also use #macyscampustour to see other bloggers outfit posts!

*This is a sponsored post, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. I also ended up purchasing the same tanks, and posting about them last week. Love your color choices.
    Angela Kastrunes http://www.marylandfashionista410.com/

  2. Just curious, is this link-up for anyone who joins in?

    1. There's a group of bloggers who got the opportunity to do some shopping at Macy's through the Campus Tour Campaign, and the link up is our way of seeing all the other ladies posts. :)


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