Monday, March 3, 2014

Spring/Summer Haul! | Macy's Campus Tour

You have no idea how long I've been waiting to do this post! I was recently given the opportunity to do a little shopping at Macy's as part of the #MacysCampusTour campaign. You can learn more by going to Considering spring is on it's way I hope and I'll be spending a week in Florida for spring break, I snatched up all the spring and summer goodies I could find!

I did my shopping in mstylelab, which is the section in Macy's that is aimed towards Millennials. You can also shop using the Macy's mobile app! I used it before I went shopping so I had a sense of direction once I hit the racks. This is what the start up screen looks like:

It's super easy to navigate!

One of my favorite items is this "Hakuna Matata" shirt my sister found for me! It's a few sizes too big, but I'm planning on wearing it as a cover up to the beach. Just look at the back!

Sorry I couldn't find it anywhere on the website!
My second favorite is this maxi skirt I got. It's really soft and has beautiful colors that all blend nicely together. There isn't any bold popping color, so you could pair a pink, yellow, blue, green, black, or white shirt with it! It also isn't too long on me, which is a problem I've run into with some other maxi skirts.

Next I picked up these two tank tops. I love me some peach and mint green! They're soft and thin, and I think they'll look great over a bright bikini top, or even with a loose cardigan this spring.

Find them here
Speaking of cardigans, check out this one. It's has 3/4 sleeves which will be perfect for warmer weather this spring, and I love the detail on the arms!

Find it here (different color)
Continuing on, I picked up this long sleeve shirt with lace going down the side of the arms. See a trend here? I might be a little bit obsessed with plain shirts/cardigans that have a pop of texture...

Find it here
Lastly I picked up this textured crop top. Crop tops seem to be sticking around, and this one is a staple piece. It's black so I can pair it with any skirt/jeans I want when I'm going out. It will be perfect for spring when it's warm during the day but a little cooler at night.

Find it here (black is out of stock)

As long as Florida is nice to me and doesn't rain, be on the lookout for some beachy outfit of the day posts!

Clearly I favor the American Rag brand, but mstylelab carries tons of other great brands like Jessica Simpson and XOXO!

One last thing before I go. Macy's is hosting a Spin & Win contest during the month of March. You just download the Macy's mobile app, log in, and spin a wheel for a chance to win up to $500 in gift cards! You will also receive a 20% off coupon just for participating.

 Make sure to check out #macyscampustour to see what some other girls picked!

*This is a sponsored post, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. Great choices <3 Loving the Hakuna Matata shirt! Nothing before that an good throwback tee <3

  2. I love the maxi skirt you found! That'll look gorgeous on the beach!!

  3. Love this! I bought those American Rag tank tops, too. I'm obsessed with them.

  4. Haha! I'm not the only one that got a Hakuna Matata tee I see. Mine is a simple graphic crop but I'm absolutely loving yours :) Great job! The American Rag racerbank tanks are incredibly popular, and so far I haven't seen a single #MacysCampusTour style blogger go without one.


    1. I couldn't resist. They're so light weight and soft and they had great colors!

  5. I'm so jealous that you got to participate in this! I don't live anywhere near a Macy's, but I love the store so much and am always doing some online browsing. I love the Hakuna Matata shirt! I recently bought a Lion King tank top that is an XL, and I plan on wearing it to the beach this summer! You got a lot of awesome stuff!

    1. Ah that's so funny I'd love to see it! And yes, I definitely feel lucky!


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