Monday, March 17, 2014

Spring Break Recap!

I'm home! Florida was amazing and warm and fun and relaxing and did I mention warm?! My spring break was awesome, but it's definitely nice to be home with my kitty and close to my family. Now if I could just bring that sunny weather up to New England...I'd be in heaven. Going from sweating in 80 degree weather one day, to bundling up for 9 degree weather the next has been quite a shock. I won't lie, it took some strong willpower to not turn my butt right around and escape back to Florida.
This beautiful part of the beach was basically at our back door.

Anyway I thought I would do a recap of my spring break! I missed blogging like you would not believe. All my posts last week were scheduled to go up ahead of time, so I had a full week of no blogging, or internet really. I'm happy to be back in blogland.

To start off, I went to Cocoa Beach with three other girls. My roommate Rachel, Darya, and another Rachel. We drove down in Darya's little car, so I'll just put in some of the pictures I managed to snag on the way down.
 It's about a 20 hour drive, but took us 24 hours because of stopping for food, gas, bathroom breaks, etc.
What I look like when I'm running off of one hour of half sleep. Road trips are rough.
 I was so excited when we finally hit Florida, that I snapped this picture on one of the bridges.
The view from the car as we first got in to Cocoa Beach.

We arrived at Ocean Landings Resort in Cocoa Beach a little before 5 on Saturday. We were all super tired and looking quite rachet, so we really just wanted to shower and sleep. We spent Sunday laying out on the beach, getting our tan on (or severe sunburn if you're me). While everyone else laid out with no sunscreen, I made sure to apply it everywhere every hour. I ended up getting a sunburn that was so bad it actually swelled. My face, back, butt, and lower chest were where all he magic happened, while the rest of me stayed perfectly white. 

Cute right? This was taken a few days after I got the burn.
 I also got a bit of sun poisoning...

During our spring break, we mostly just laid on the beach under an umbrella. We did venture out a few times to see everything Cocoa Beach has to offer, and made friends with some pelicans!

I was terrified of it at first...
 But we became friends.

We also searched for seashells and too way too many selfies.

Oh yeah. We had a very scary run-in with a big beach spider. So of course I had to snapchat a photo to everyone.

If I had Zimby and my family with me, I probably wouldn't have come home. The drive back went a bit faster, and took us about 22 hours. I feel so lucky to have had such an amazing trip, and I can't wait for spring break next year!

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