Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Review | Road's End Organics Dairy Free Shells & Chreese

While I was on spring break, one of the girls I went with told me all about this delicious dairy free boxed mac&cheese. To say I heard the hallelujah chorus and there was light shining down on her would be an understatement. Boxed mac&cheese used to be my favorite food, before finding out I'm allergic to dairy. So, I went to the store and couldn't find the particular brand she mentioned, but did find an alternative by Road's End Organics called "Dairy Free Shells & Chreese." Needless to say, I bought four boxes.

I generally try to stay away from negative reviews, but I have to share this one! Let me tell you, this stuff is nasty. It does not taste like mac&cheese at all. Not even a little. Nothing about it tastes cheesy, or even like alfredo! It honestly tastes like bland stinky mushy pea's (and I like peas!) clumped on to pasta. I tried adding salt and pepper to help a little, and it actually made it taste worse! I even forced my roommate to taste it, just to verify that it was awful.

 I thought I would capture my joyous first bite. This is what I got instead.

I was pretty depressed over it, but I'm just going to have to find the brand she was talking about and pretend this whole thing never happened. It was a bit traumatizing. I even used almond milk (it said I could) because I've always liked how mac&cheese tastes with almond milk. But nope. There was nothing yummy about it.

I hope I saved some of you vegans or fellow milk allergy people out there! This stuff isn't worth it. Any dairy free people have some good recommendations?


  1. Oh my, thank you for this review! I saw this in the store a few times and had thought about it, but I'm glad I never got around to actually buying it! xx

    <(`) Hoda || JooJoo Azad ~ Free Bird

  2. Oh man, how disappointing!! I can just imagine how crushing that would be when you hoped it would taste delicious!

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  4. If you made it according to the box directions, you may want to try it again. Only this time make it the way you would make regular Kraft Macaroni a Cheese. I always use about 1/4 cup (2 large tablespoons) of Earth Balance and about the same amount of almond or soy milk. I add more milk if I need to, keeping the heat on low until it thickens to the consistency that I want. I never make it according to the box directions. This stuff needs fat to taste good. Just adding milk won't do it. Also, you should know that for some reason Road's End had temporarily changed the flavor packets of this product. The following is an excerpt from an review:

    "I contacted Roads End and just like everyone else is saying, the boxes marked with expiry of 08/2014 are the "new flavor" (a.k.a. disgusting) ones. Their customer service was fantastic and they promptly shipped me out new flavoring packets like they have for many other reviewers. I recently found boxes with an 05/2014 expiry and they taste 100% normal. To summarize, if you buy this product and it has an expiry of 08/2014, chances are high that you are not going to like the flavor. Contact Roads End and ask for new flavor packets promptly."

    There's no way for me to know if that's the case for the boxes that you purchased, but it's a heads up about that just in case.

    I don't work for this company and am in no way affiliated with them. I just enjoy the product a great deal, and I hate to see others miss out just because the cooking directions on the box suck.

    1. I didn't follow the box! I did it the same way I used to do normal mac & cheese. The taste/smell just don't resemble mac & cheese what so ever, and I wasn't a fan.


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