Wednesday, March 19, 2014

How to Survive a Road Trip

After driving with friends from New Hampshire to Florida, I feel like the Queen of road trips. The drive home was definitely better and smoother than the drive down, and I have a few tips to share to those who may be road tripping for spring break. So here you go!

1. Yoga pants will save your life. They're warm enough for cold winter weather but not too hot for warm sunny Florida. There's no buttons or zippers to leave awkward indents on your body, and you have a full range of motion because you know you're going to be sleeping in some strange positions.

2. Wear flats/something with socks. You don't want to wear boots because they're bulky and you'll have to take them off when you go to sleep. I mistakenly wore flip flops, and was just miserable when I had to get out at rest areas. Flat's are perfect, especially with socks if you're going to have some colder weather. They're easy to slip off, comfy, and warm but not overbearing in hot weather.

3. Make a few playlists on your ipod/burn a few CD's. At the beginning of the trip, everyone is going to be excited and probably wide awake. This is when you want to play some upbeat music. I made a 90's playlist, as well as some random pop/rap ones. If someone is trying to take a nap but you still want some music on, you're going to want some soothing light music. Enya playlist anyone? I think yes.

4. Have a good co-pilot. Since everyone will probably be talking and listening to music, sometimes the driver can get a tincy bit distracted. That why you want the person in the passenger seat to be wide awake, and also paying attention to the road. It also helps to have this person work the GPS, change songs, and hand out food/drinks.

5. Don't expect to sleep. On the way down to Florida I only got about an hour of sleep. It's hard to sleep on road trips because of bumps in the road, quick stopping, street lights, etc. Make sure you get some good sleep before you go, and maybe bring a few ZzzQuil. A small pillow and eye mask will help too!

6. Pack a bag full of snacks. On the way to Florida we had to keep stopping for food. On the way home we had a bag of snacks, which really cut down on the amount of time the drive took.

7. Plan ahead for gas. Make sure you program your GPS to find a gas station when you get to a quarter of a tank, or even before that. Sometimes you can go 30 miles with no gas stations (that happened to us).

8. Have a money bag. At the beginning of the trip, everyone put $100 into a plastic bag to pay for gas and tolls. This made sure everyone paid a fair amount, and we split up the remaining money at the end of the trip.

9. The car owner shouldn't pay as much. If you're going on a long road trip, it's likely that the car owner will have to get an oil change (or two). Since you're putting a decent amount of miles on their car, you should let them pay a little less for gas and tolls.

10. Admit when you're tired. If you're getting tired while you're driving, but you're worried about someone else driving your car...suck it up. Sleepy driving is dangerous, and everyone is going to be safer if you let someone who is more awake drive.

11. Get a double car charger. Seriously this will save you. There's nothing worse than four people fighting over one car charger.

12. Bring wipes. We all felt pretty rachet during the road trip, because our faces were gross and we felt dirty. Baby wipes will definitely help in this department.

13. A big car is comfy, but a smaller one saves money for gas. If you're only taking four people, it will be worth it to take a slightly smaller car with better gas mileage.

14. Take a buddy everywhere. We stopped at some pretty questionable gas stations for bathroom breaks. Make sure you have a buddy with you!

15. Take a break. Sometimes when you're enclosed in a small place with people for too long, you can get on each others nerves. Make sure you take breaks every so often to get out and stretch your legs. It's also good to plug in some headphones and listen to your own music for a while if you're feeling annoyed.

There are my tips! Did I miss anything? Leave it in the comments below!


  1. These are some awesome tips! Y'all sure drove a long way! 3 of my girlfriends and I are going on a road trip at the end of May/early June, so I'll definitely be utilizing these trips! The last trip we went on, we did the money bag thing, and it worked out really awesome.

  2. Great tips! I just got home from a road trip to Maryland with my boyfriend! It wasn't too long of a drive, but we switched off halfway through since he knew the roads better in MD than I did, so that was awesome! We had a ton of snacks with us too! The best part was we actually didn't hate each other after being trapped in a car (Jeep wrangler!) for a total of 8.5 hours together! hahaha!

    1. I have a wrangler! I can't imagine being in it for that long. Props to you two!


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