Saturday, March 22, 2014

Hottie of the Week 2 | Theo James

I love doing "Hottie of the Week" posts, so here is another one! This weeks hottie is Theo James.

Theo is a British actor who is starring as Four in the upcoming film Divergent. He also played Walter Clark in Golden Boy. I honestly don't know that much more about him besides the fact that he's single and gorgeous. It's okay though right? I mean look at that face.

He exemplifies tall dark and handsome. Yum. By the way, google an image of him shirtless. It's nice. You're welcome for introducing you to your newest celebrity crush.


  1. Oh yes lawd! I just saw him in Divergent, and man, he is just so attractive. Mmm. Talk about perfection.

    1. Just saw Divergent. I have to agree with you. I need him in my life. NOW.


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