Saturday, March 15, 2014

Hottie of the Week 1 | Chace Crawford

Today I thought I'd pick a hottie of the week for you all to gaze at. You're welcome.

This week it's Chace Crawford!

Oh Chace. I've been watching Gossip Girl lately so I'm a bit hooked on him, but he's been an obsession of mine since...middle school? I'll have to double check with my friend Hannah, she'd know. Anyway, he just has those amazing eyes, great hair, light stubble...I'll stop. 

Anyway, who's your hottie of the week?


  1. I completely agree! Chace is pretty dang sexy!

  2. Dang, look at that smile!
    I never finished Gossip Girl (stopped mid season 5) but I've always been rooting for Nate and Serena.

    1. I'm still toward the beginning of the series but I agree with you!


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