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Dressing Cute in College | Guest Post!

Since I'm in Florida this week and am taking a little time off from the blog, I thought it would be fun to have a fellow college blogger do a guest post! Today's guest post will be focusing on dressing cute in college. Alex always has an awesome outfit on, so I'll let her get to it and show you what college fashion is all about!

Hi, y'all! My name's Alex, and I have a style blogger called Undergraduate Style! A quick crash course about me: I'm 20 years old. I'm a sophomore at the University of Kansas--Rock Chalk! I'm a resident assistant on campus, a member of Omega Phi Alpha, a service sorority, and, of course, a style enthusiast.

I met the lovely Kimberly through the Her Campus Blogger Network, a network devoted to connecting collegiate bloggers. She asked for guest posters during her absence, and I liked what I saw on her blog, so here I am!

My blog is centered around building a classic, timeless wardrobe even in college--so that's what I wanted to write a post about. The whole reason I started my blog is because people always ask me how I manage to dress well in college. My answer--because I try. I don't have a superior sense of style or the nicest wardrobe around. I just put time each morning into putting on clothes that I'm proud to wear. So, here are some tips on how to dress cute for everyday life in college!

It's so easy for college students to throw on a sweatshirt and leggings for class. And hey, some days, if I'm sick or just not feelin it, I'm guilty of that, too. But I sincerely believe that if you dress well, you will feel great and just perform better. Additionally, I contend that dressing cute can take just as little time as putting on that sweatshirt and leggings, and that you only have to sacrifice a minimal amount of comfort.

A few general tips:

-If you're going to dress cute for class, you're probably going to have to wear pants with a waistband. However--if you have a well-fitting pair of jeans, they shouldn't be uncomfortable, and if they make you look and feel like a million bucks, they're worth the extra work of zipping and buttoning. At least to me.

-Layers are your friend. KU has class buildings that have been around for 100+ years, so half of them are drafty and the other half are stuffy. It's great to have scarves, sweaters, and jackets that can be taken on or off when the temperature switches!

-Accessorize! You can have the prettiest collection of tops and jeans, but there's only so many combinations you can make before it gets boring. If you have an arsenal of accessories, you can make even the easiest of outfits look instantly polished by adding a scarf. Or a necklace. Or a fierce pair of shoes. You get the picture!

-This is my NUMBER ONE TIP so listen up: Lay your clothes out the night before! You will not want to think about the best way to do an outfit at 6 AM, and the sleep will be more valuable to you at that time. But if you take just five minutes before you go to bed to lay out an outfit and accessories, all you have to do in the morning is put them on.

And here are a few of my favorite outfits that I've worn to class!

My go-to "uniform" for class is a cute top, a cardigan, jeans, flats/boots, and a scarf if it's cold. You can do no wrong, and there's soooo many remixing options!

If I don't feel like wearing real pants, dresses are ALWAYS an option! This was a super cold day, so I wore leggings and thick socks, a cardigan, and a scarf with this dress to keep it toasty warm! I accessorized with a belt to add structure.

Another "uniform"--chambray shirt, scarf, colored denim. The remixing options are endless!

This is a great cold-weather option: a button-down layered under a sweater, for all my fellow prepsters out there! This practically BEGS to be worn with a statement necklace or other fun jewelry to mix it up!

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to guest post, Kimberly! Y'all can find my blog at the link above or follow me via Bloglovin, so don't be a stranger! Have a super day! 
Make sure to go say hi to Alex on her blog, and leave her any comments you have there!

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  1. Wonderful tips, thanks for sharing and i'll put this in mind. Be cute in school, and i love your boots


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